Bird Hunting at Buenos Aires & Uruguay 2018

uruguay y BA

Uruguay: Mixed-Bag Hunts For the Lucky Few 

How to describe Uruguay? It’s a small country that few visit, except for those that throng the beaches on the coast. In the heartland there are few people and the premium is on tranquility. Imagine if Nebraska was it’s own country. Neither too flat nor too hilly and the people are friendly and genuine, and not worn out by the tourist season, because there isn’t one in the bird hunting country. Ninety percent of Uruguay is farmland, and what isn’t field or pasture is ponds or lagoons. All this makes for a hunting resource desired by every sportsman that has cradled a shotgun or followed a setter through short cover.



A perfect mixed-bag location, where duck ponds and dove fields are linked to smart accommodations by short drives on good roads. Teeming with perdiz, ducks, and doves, Uruguay offers the ultimate mixed-bag, where you’ll enjoy the excitement of hunting several species throughout the day. You’ll shoot limits of sporty perdiz on a casual walk behind pointing dogs, more doves than you’ve likely ever seen near the largest roost in the country, and heavy straps filled with ducks. Our duck hunts are easy, too–no waders, just short boots on the edge of a pond and you’re right over the decoys. Be one of the lucky few to stamp Uruguay in your passport–and visit our stellar lodges that are located in the epicenter of all this mixed-bag shooting action.



Buenos Aires-ducks and more

Imagine perfect duck country. Lush farmland with good roads, and water and marshes interlaced through it all–enough water in the road ditches that you could paddle a canoe 5 miles in any direction, any time you wished. This is what we have within easy reach of Argentina’s capital: the best duck hunting in the world. Our lodges are located on strategic duck hunting grounds, where ducks both big and small migrate throughout the April to August season. We have two lodges in the area, and each is tailored to a specific task.
First, Jacana Lodge is located in Lincoln, in the heart of the best wetlands. Here we hunt ducks mornings and afternoon and we’re quite good at it. We don’t have just a couple of great spots–we have a hundred great spots, and we have blinds, and decoys, and all the trimmings to make duck hunting great every single day. Most of our hunts are easy, a little walking, a little wading–but they are the kind of hunts grandfathers can enjoy with grandsons, and the lodge is stylish, warm, and inviting. If you like ducks, then Jacana is the place for you.



Los Crestones is located near Castelli, less than two hours on paved roads from the international airport. A fantastic location for ducks, here we also have excellent fields for perdiz over pointing dogs and the biggest dove roost in the area for dove shoots. At Los Crestones you’ll enjoy successful duck hunts with retrievers by morning, and dove or perdiz alternate afternoons. Also, Los Crestones lodge happens to be located near great Black Buck Antelope and Axis Deer herds for those want a day or two of flat land big game hunting. Los Crestones lodge is remarkable in its own right; stately, fashionable, and perfectly located for the sporting pursuits that surround it.



Openings for 2018

San Juan Lodge
May 4th – 9th (5 nights and 10 hunts)
June 4th – 9th (5 nights and 10 hunts)
June 10th -15th (5 nights and 10 hunts)

Uruguay Lodge
May 9th – 14th (5 nights and 10 hunts)
May 25th – 30th (5 nights and 10 hunts)
June 25th – 30th (5 nights and 10 hunts)

Jacana Lodge
May 1st – 4th (3 nights and 6 hunts)
May 11th – 15th (4 nights and 8 hunts)
July 2nd – 6th (4 nights and 8 hunts)

Los Crestones Lodge
May 13th – 18th (5 nights and 10 hunts)
June 23rd – 27th (4 nights and 8 hunts)
July 1st – 6th (5 nights and 10 hunts)






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