Best Dove Hunting in the world

Dove capital of the world

Aim above the status quo. In Córdoba, Argentina, David Denies Bird Hunting equals big differences both in and out of the field. Here’s why:

Pioneers Since 1982 – History & Tradition

Experience matters. At David Denies we’re proud to provide the kind of unmatched expertise that stems from more than 35 years of pioneering bird hunting in the Córdoba region. Our longstanding relationship with the land and its quarry ensures hunting success—time and time again.

True Wild Bird Hunting, With Short Drives

Our competitors describe themselves differently: They grow crops and over-manage game to hold birds on-site. This produces a canned environment that doesn’t look or feel like true hunting. We don’t plant crops because we don’t need to. Instead we focus on investments in land—prime parcels that hold birds year-round just outside the back doors of our lodges—where wild doves fly naturally. Most of our locations are just minutes away. It’s hunting the way it is supposed to be. In Córdoba, nobody does it better.

Customized Hunts in varied environments

David Denies controls more land than most outfitters in the region—more than 250,000 acres of unmatched dove habitat across diverse landscapes. More room to roam gives wingshooters a distinct advantage by making year-round high volume hunting a reality. In addition, access to select leases across varied terrain allows us to provide “customized” hunts. Test your skills by targeting high birds and/or crossing birds almost any time of the year. And you’ll never have to drive too far to find the action.

First-Class Service

For more than 35 years, discerning hunters have chosen David Denies for a boutique experience. Our Córdoba operations stand out due to the individual nature of the grounds and unique architecture you’ll find at each lodge. Estancias are rooted in history and defined by elegance. Sophisticated menus are crafted by top Argentine chefs. Wine cellars brim with infinite selections, and unparalleled service is our everyday promise to you. Styled by astute sportsmen, our lodges are equipped to provide the best service and sport in the industry.

Giving Back

Because we make a living here, we feel compelled to give back to the resource as well as to the people who make this region special. To that end, we’re committed to protecting these properties to ensure a bright future. We support foundations like the María de la Esperanza Mission through financial means and by helping feed more than 800 children daily at the six community centers we helped build. In addition, we back health care service initiatives for underprivileged people in the remote areas of Córdoba. It’s the least we can do. Our aim is to continue doing more.

Best Field Experience

At David Denies our goal is to provide bird hunting experiences that exceed your expectations. In order to deliver, that means giving you the very best guides and field staff year in and year out. Professionalism is a company hallmark, and when you combine good people with exceptional shooting it’s a recipe for a better field experience. We also bring everything you may need, everyday. From back-up guns to chairs and hammocks, flatware and tented lunches, we make certain your time in the field is truly special. In Córdoba, you won’t find better shooting. But with David Denies, it’s the camaraderie and seamless day-to-day excursions that’ll keep you coming back.

Our People

Great people make for a cherished hunting experience. At David Denies our hand-selected staff members are like family. Guides are career professionals. Lodge managers live and breathe a Córdoba lifestyle rooted in wingshooting excellence. From the friendly smiles of our housekeeping team to renowned chefs in our cutting-edge kitchens, you’ll see the same faces year in and year out. Why? Because we truly love what we do.

Córdoba Dove Lodges