All of our lodges are uniquely positioned to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of our clientele. All our lodges have world-class hunting, amazing food, great wine, and legendary service. As we’ve grown, each lodge has developed a different personality, mainly based on the staff, location, and facilities. Choose which of the below criteria are most important to you. If you find yourself doubting your choice, don’t worry, any stay with David Denies is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime!

Find out what Pigeon Lodge best fits you

If you are looking for pigeon hunting in grand style, look no further than Santiago del Estero Lodge. Rebuilt as a Spanish-style manse that encompasses a broad courtyard, SdE is the lodge for you. With high ceilings, grand public rooms and sprawling balconies, Santiago del Estero will satisfy even the most demanding guest, with service that is sharp but not smothering, and food and wines worthy of this stately shooting home. What’s more, Santiago del Estero offers 14 bedrooms, most with private baths, so even larger parties can stretch out in single rooms and enjoy both high volume doves and challenging pigeon shooting- all under one roof.

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Long a favorite of David Denies shooting parties, La Torcaza has changed names, formerly Monteraz, this pigeon shooting program is a jewel in northern Cordoba, set against a backdrop of rolling hills, olive orchards, and vineyards that stretch to Mendoza province. Here in this rich agricultural region you will find pigeon hunting over decoys done in fine style, with challenging shooting, and ample bags expected each day. Food and wines are a delight and La Torcaza cellars wines on the property, adding to the ambiance of this delightful venue.  

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It can be difficult to find a true dove and pigeon combination in Argentina, and many assume that doves and pigeons often overlap in the same habitat, but that isn’t generally true. But luckily you will find both of these hunts at Santiago del Estero where from April through to November you can enjoy wild pigeons in great quantity and couple it with the legendary high volume dove shooting Argentina is known for. If you choose SdE you may add as many pigeon hunts as you like- it’s up to you. When pigeon hunting we typically arrange two hunts each day with lunch in the field, just as we do for the doves. 

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Santiago del Estero is a region capable of producing wonderful pigeon shooting in this remote area along the Dulce River north of Córdoba. Largely flat lands with millions of acres of scrub and brush, pigeons concentrate on fields of cereal grain, and can be targeted with decoys on land or near water holes. If you want pigeons- this is the place!

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For small groups of guns that enjoy the privacy of having a lodge to themselves, La Torcaza fills the bill. You’ll find great pigeon hunting here, in stunning terrain, and a stylish lodge that offers 9 single rooms with en-suite baths. So for a small group of six or eight shooters, La Torcaza is ideal.

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Santiago del Estero offers 14 single rooms in a large lodge, where there is plenty of room to spread out. There are balconies to relax and read and a fire fit for late night revelry-something for everyone and a staff to see to individual needs. As many as 14 shooters can enjoy single accommodations, so invite your employer or your uncle and enjoy doves and pigeons under one large, luxurious, roof.

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Both La Torcaza & Santiago del Estero Lodges’ will provide the option of returning to the lodge every day as drives are short.

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Pack your clothing & personal items and let us do the rest. All of our lodges offer gun rentals, so you need not worry about the permits and issues which may arise when traveling with a firearm. We also offer laundry services, so even with your clothes, you can pack light. 

Each lodge also has on-site pro-shop offering items such as caps, and clothing as well as selection shooting items such as gloves, shoulder pads should you forget an item or just wish to bring home a memento of your trip.

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Still can’t make up your mind?

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the lodges or their hunting schedules to help decide which is right for you, just give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have, and our experts can help recommend the lodge that best suits you.