Argentina Duck Hunting

When waterfowlers dream of duck hunting adventure, they dream of Argentina. The skies and marshes of Argentina are home to 13 of the most strikingly beautiful duck species in the world, nearly all of which are found only in South America.

While the cinnamon teal may be common to some, it is always a welcome sight over any decoy spread. In addition to cinnamons,  there are several other species which call this area home, including the Speckled, Silver and Brazilian teal. There are also two types of pintails: the white-cheeked or Bahama pintail, that many find to be the most attractive of all the ducks, and the yellow-billed pintail. In addition, you’ll find Chiloe Wigeon, two varieties of whistling ducks, Southern Shovelers, and what many consider the king of the South American ducks, the Rosy-billed Pochard; a big, dark duck that flies like a mallard and decoys like a canvasback.

Our duck hunting lodges

If ducks are your sole interest, our Jacana Lodge in Argentina generally offers the greatest variety of birds on a given hunt. With opportunities to see all 13 species in a typical 4 to 5 day hunt. Our other “pure” duck lodge is Los Picazos in Buenos Aires province, just a couple hours from the airport-it is like a fine duck club exclusively for small parties.

If you are looking for a mixed bag hunt, focused on ducks, Los Crestones Lodge is a great place to visit. Each morning of your visit you will hunt ducks from a variety of blinds and locations. You have opportunities to see all of the species depending on time of year, with certain species being more predominant through certain times of the season. 

We also offer duck hunting at our Uruguay Lodges as well. Both our San Juan Lodge and Uruguay Lodge offer wonderful duck hunting as part of a mixed bag offering. While perdiz remain the highlight of any Uruguay hunt, the ducks, both in variety of species and numbers, offer an amazing hunt for the traveling wing shooter. Nearly all of the duck hunting at our Uruguay lodges is done from dry land blinds, allowing for an easy and comfortable experience for hunters of all ages and abilities.

All of our lodges, whether in Argentina or Uruguay, are situated in areas where ducks are prolific, but hunters, aside from our guests, are almost non-existent. With acres upon acres of secluded wetlands plus corn, soybeans, and sorghum fields, all of our properties are privately owned, with David Denies having exclusive hunting rights to all lands.

While duck hunting at one of our lodges, you’ll experience a variety of hunting scenarios, and most of them will be familiar to the traditional waterfowler. From large ponds to small lagoons, to wide spots in small channels, we’ll take you where the ducks are. Sometimes this requires a short walk, or a quick trip by boat, tractor, truck, or ATV. But in all cases, the ducks are accessible for hunters of all ages and experiences.

Duck Hunting Lodges