Our Specials

Below you’ll find a list of limited – time specials and packages. Take advantage of these discounted rated today and we’ll see you on the field soon!

Dove & Pigeon Hunt
La Dormida + La Torcaza Lodges

4 nights and 8 hunts $3,320.00 per person*

Argentina’s Córdoba Province is renowned for its massive flocks of eared doves. But Córdoba is also home to exceptional wild pigeon hunting. Normally hunted over decoys, these fast-flying birds are challenging and, ultimately, a lot of fun. David Denies gives you the opportunity to hunt both species during this hunting trip of a lifetime. Hunters will spend 2 full days at La Torcaza Lodge, hunting pigeons over decoys, before a short transfer to La Dormida Lodge for 2 more full days of high-volume dove hunting.

Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Trip length: 4 nights / 8 hunting sessions
Season: June 15 to Sept. 15.

* Rates are per person based on Single Room occupancy.
Restrictions apply.

Dove & Dorado Cast & Blast
Pica Zuro + Delta Lodges

4 nights and 5 days $3,250.00 per person*

Combine high-volume Córdoba dove hunting with great golden dorado fishing on the Paraná Delta. Our unique dorado fishery is just 45 minutes from Buenos Aires, where you’ll fish secluded wetlands, with skyscrapers in distant view. Fly fishing for dorado is our specialty. You’ll also have shots at tararira, another exotic, ambush-style species. Travel between the doves and dorado is easy—let us send you a complete itinerary outlining the two venues!

Location: Argentina – Córdoba, for dove hunting and Buenos Aires for fishing.
Trip length: 4 nights / 5 days
Season: Oct 1 to Apr 30

* Rates are per person based on Single Room occupancy.
Restrictions apply.

Doves & Trout Combo
La Dormida + Northern Patagonia Lodge

7 nights and 8 days $6,250.00 per person*

A classic combo for the complete sportsman—featuring exciting fly-fishing and fast-paced dove hunting. After five nights of stalking wild Patagonia trout, move to the fields and hills of Córdoba for high-volume dove hunting. Northern Patagonia Lodge and La Dormida consistently exceed expectations for fine accommodations, delicious meals, and of course awesome Argentine wines.

Location: Argentina – Córdoba, for dove hunting and North Patagonia for fishing.
Trip length: 7 nights and 8 days
Season: Dec. 15 to March 15

* Rates are per person, based on a minimum of 4 guests. Does not include holidays (Christmas and New Years’).
Restrictions apply.

Doves & Red Stag Hunt
Pica Zuro + Red Stag Tupungato

7 nights and 8 days $12,495.00 per person*

2 nights Dove shooting + 5 nights Red Stag Hunt at Tupungato. Dove shooting will take place at Pica Zuro Lodge, in the productive Córdoba region. Pica Zuro is the ultimate dove hunter’s home with spacious rooms, broad verandas for gathering or relaxing with friends, and impeccable service and delicious meals. Your dove hunting can easily be scheduled before or after the stag portion of your trip. As for our Red Stag Tupungato program, this exclusive preserve spans 20,000 acres and is surrounded by a larger 120,000-acre ranch. The fertile valleys of the Mendoza Andean foothills provide great habitat for Red Deer that have developed impressive racks, with some specimens naturally reaching the 400 SCI+ class.

Location: Argentina – Córdoba, for dove hunting and Mendoza for Red Stag.
Trip length: 7 nights / 8 days
Season: March 20 to May 30.

* Rates are per person and based on a minimum of 2 hunters.
Restrictions apply.