COVID-19 Updates

Information about borders and travel restrictions

After 20 long months, Argentina has opened its borders beginning November 1st, 2021. We would like to provide the best explanation about the current requirements for traveling to and from Argentina. Please know this is still a dynamic process and we will have to continue to update the communication with you all as requirements change.

  • Proof of full vaccination scheme (vaccination card showing you got all the doses, depending on what vaccine you’ve chosen). Last application must be taken at least 14 days prior to traveling,
  • Negative result PCR, taken within 72 hours prior to boarding the flight to Argentina
  • Health insurance with COVID-19 coverage
  • Migrations affidavit at done 48 hours prior to boarding the flight to Argentina

Non-vaccinated travelers can also enter the country but must quarantine and take a test on the 7th day after arrival.

Vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine upon arrival, but they must do a PCR-type test between the third to fifth day of arrival in the country.


Regardless of vaccination status, all travelers entering the United States are required to have a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 1 day prior to boarding the flight back to the US (the specific time of the test is not relevant, they simply consider the day of the week), or have documentation proving recovery from COVID-19 within the last 3 months. For instance, if your flight is on a Tuesday at 7PM, the test must be taken on Monday, regardless of the time of day. The result must read ‘negative’ or ‘not detected’. It won’t be accepted if it reads ‘invalid’. Testing will be available at the lodges. A nurse is taken to the lodge and she/he will take the test for all current guests so you won’t lose any time during your trip, and it will take just a few minutes. 

Here you will find a helpful document that you can reference to help you with any questions you may have about testing under the new orders. We will update you all as more clarification is provided regarding border restrictions and other protocols.

Uruguay’s borders are now open for travelers. Please find below all the information you need for your next trip, regarding COVID-19 requirements.

  • All travelers over the age of 18 must have completed a vaccination program,  at least more than 14 days before arrival. Travelers must present official certification from the country from which they come.
  • Minors under 18 years old may also enter, but do not need proof of vaccination.
  • All travelers over the age of 6, and regardless of their vaccination status, must present a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before boarding their flight to Uruguay. Children under six do not need to take any tests whatsoever.
  • Complete a passenger Declaration form within 48 hours before travel.
  • Health insurance with COVID-19 coverage.
  • Seven days after taking the pre-flight test, all travelers over the age of 18 must take another PCR test (there is no need to self-isolate during this time). 

If you want to see frequent and in-depth updates, please visit Uruguay’s official travel page