Argentina and Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

The word “perdiz” is the Spanish slang for the very challenging red-legged partridge which is native to Spain. While hunting with us you will not be pursuing the “original” perdiz, but you will be hunting a spectacularly challenging upland bird, well deserving of the name.

More about perdiz hunting

The perdiz found here in Argentina and Uruguay are actually a common species of tinamou. There are several species of tinamou, ranging from Mexico all the way south to southern Argentina. An interesting fact about these birds is that their closest relatives are actually ratites, flightless birds such as the ostrich and rhea. While they may be related, they are in fact a hard flying little bird, which holds well for dogs, and thrives in our acres and acres of pastures and rolling grass terrain.

Perdiz can be hunted in Argentina at our mixed-bag hunting lodge, Los Crestones, along with ducks, doves and big game. 

For hardcore upland hunters, looking for the best in perdiz hunting, they need look no further than our Uruguay lodges. Uruguay is home to the very best perdiz hunting in all of South America. With access to seemingly endless rolling hills and pastures, our San Juan and Uruguay Lodges offer an unparalleled upland hunting experience for these incredible birds; along with fine duck hunting and high volume dove shooting.

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