The dove we pursue in Argentina and Uruguay is the eared dove, a fast-flying cousin of North America’s Mourning dove—the bird that made “dove hunting” popular in the first place. In addition to a remarkable number of these birds, we also have great terrain for chasing these birds. Our rolling hills, dry creek beds, and narrow valleys make any type of hunting scenario possible. If you want the opportunity to take a lot of doves, we will put you in productive spots. If you prefer a few hours of the most challenging shooting you can imagine, we have spots for that too! We have millions and millions of doves because we have fantastic habitat and access to over 300,000 acres of prime ground, which we manage solely for doves.

Dove Argentina

Our Argentina dove hunts are focused largely around our collection of lodges in Córdoba, but we also have other options, depending upon what you are looking for, time of year, availability and combining with our mixed bag offerings. At the heart of our Córdoba program we have three spectacular venues, each with its own special identity and appeal.

Pica Zuro Lodge is our flagship dove hunting venue and offers the very best in accommodation and service. The lodge boasts a traditional Argentina estancia style, with all of the modern amenities one would find at the finest resorts around the world. From the moment you arrive until the moment you depart, you will be pampered at the lodge, and challenged in the field.

La Dormida Lodge offers a contemporary elegance, not often seen in a hunting lodge. Purposely built especially to host the traveling wing shooter, La Dormida is the perfect venue for couples or small groups, looking to experience the world class shooting Córdoba offers, with a relaxing and refined lodge experience.

Córdoba Lodge is our gateway to the dove hunting capital of the world. Offering a beautifully appointed lodge, superb service and fantastic culinary experience, with a more cost conscious approach, for the traveler who wishes to enjoy a “Bucket List” trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in a mixed bag hunt, with dove as part of the experience, our Los Crestones Lodge offers fantastic dove hunting, as part of a program which also includes ducks, pigeons, perdiz and options for Big Game as well. Located just a few hours outside of Buenos Aires, Los Crestones offers what we consider a more low volume dove shooting experience. Most afternoons will find you in the dove fields, where you can expect to shoot 10 to 15 boxes of shells per session.

We are also proud to offer our ALL NEW Santiago del Estero Lodge, located in the argentinean northern province of the same name. The lodge offers an exciting new area for the traveling dove hunters to explore, with a remarkable population of birds. The newly renovated estancia offers everything you have come to expect of the David Denies brand, from the hospitality at the lodge, to the shooting program afield and of course, our world renowned culinary experience, which is second to none.

Dove Uruguay

While Argentina often steals the spotlight when it comes to high volume dove shooting, nearby Uruguay has been gaining a well deserved reputation for its incredible bird populations.

We offer two very special venues for dove shooting in Uruguay. Depending upon the time of year, the lodges also offer incredible mix bag bird hunting opportunities as well. During the winter months of May through August, these lodges offer mixed bag hunting for Dove, Perdiz, Pigeon and Duck. During the rest of the year, you can enjoy true high volume dove shooting all day long, each day of your stay.

San Juan Lodge is truly a bird hunters mecca, as it is located right in the center of one of the world’s most fertile bird hunting areas. With one of the largest dove roosts in the country located right on the property, drives are short each day, and you will be shooting just moments after departing the lodge.

Uruguay Lodge offers accommodations like no other. You will experience historic Uruguayan elegance when you stay in this remarkable lodge. Our recently renovated lodge was once home to a former Uruguayan president, and was designed by the same. This estancia overlooking the idyllic countryside will be your base of operations as you experience high volume dove shooting like you’ve always dreamed of.

Dove Shooting Lodges