Argentina Pigeon Hunting

If you have not hunted pigeons, you’re in for a great challenge. Pigeon hunting is more akin to duck hunting than it is to dove shooting. The birds are incredibly wary, and one must remain concealed in well made blinds until the moment of the shot in order to decoy them into range effectively.

More about pigeon hunting

We pursue two kinds of wild pigeons in Argentina and Uruguay, first is the Pica Zuro, a large pigeon with a purple-and-gray scaly body and a silvery patch at the side of the neck. In flight it has distinctive black flight feathers and pale gray wingbars. They are fast, hard to hunt, and many experienced hunters consider the Pica Zuro to be a sporting bird on par with pheasants or mallard ducks. 

The second type of pigeon we hunt is the Spot-Winged, which is a bird that is a good deal bigger than a dove, but not quite as big as the Pica Zuro. It’s also a sporting game bird that decoys well, and can be found in great numbers near orchards and groves as well as in traditional agricultural settings. 

La Torcaza Lodge is our flagship pigeon hunting venue, and the only lodge in all of South America dedicated solely to the pursuit of these sporting birds. The estancia dates back to the 1600’s and from the moment you arrive you will feel the history which surrounds you. La Torcaza offers pigeon hunting both mornings and afternoons. Located just over an hour from our Córdoba dove lodges, mixed bag hunts combining dove and pigeon offer easy logistics and are extremely popular with many of our return clients. 

Meanwhile, Santiago del Estero offers April to November wild pigeons in great quantity, coupled with the legendary high volume dove shooting Argentina is known for- all under the same, quite elegant, roof.

Pigeon hunting can also be experienced at some of our other lodges, both in Argentina as well as in Uruguay, as part of a mixed bag experience, please contact us for more information on our pigeon hunting opportunities at these locations.