We’ve uniquely positioned each of our lodges to cater to the diverse needs and desires of our clients. All our lodges have world-class hunting, amazing food, great wine, and legendary service. As we’ve grown, each lodge has developed a different personality, mainly based on the staff, location, and facilities. Choose which of the below criteria are most important to you. If you find yourself doubting your choice, don’t worry, any stay with David Denies is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime!

Find out what Dove Lodge best fits you

With its stately, traditional Argentine style, Pica Zuro Lodge is the perfect setting for those looking for incredible luxury accommodations and service, paired with the best dove shooting Argentina has to offer. From the elegant, historic grounds to world-class service and the attention to detail our experienced staff provides, Pica Zuro will bring the very best of fine living to you during your stay.

The La Dormida Lodge experience is just as luxurious, but with a more contemporary feel. Purposefully built to host the High-Volume Dove Shooter, La Dormida Lodge is known for its contemporary elegance. Beautifully appointed rooms, outdoor courtyards with large fire pits, and a welcoming heated plunge pool, all paired with the incredible service and the perfect hunting experience only David Denies can provide.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge & La Dormida Lodge.

La Dormida Lodge offers a refined, elegant lodge experience combined with the world-class dove hunting our Córdoba lodges are famous for. 

Beautifully appointed rooms, many with king-sized beds, make for a welcoming and extremely comfortable “home away from home” during your stay.  This combined with great opportunities for the non-hunter, such as horseback riding, local tours, and more, make it the perfect getaway for couples.

The newly built game room also offers a wonderful venue for entertainment and relaxation, with a billiard table and other activities, which can be enjoyed during your stay.

Pica Zuro Lodge brings together historic, Argentine-style with the very best dove shooting in all of the world. You will be treated to superb accommodations, in a 19th century Estancia, which has been carefully upgraded with all of the modern amenities one would expect in the finest resorts of the world.

With its very own Spa, including a hot-tub, sauna, pools, and private massage rooms, Pica Zuro is the perfect retreat for a sporting couple to spend a few days, shooting and relaxing.

Match with La Dormida Lodge & Pica Zuro Lodge.

All of our lodges provide a wonderful atmosphere for a family stay, as well as being the perfect location for father and son/daughter hunts.

If you are traveling with the family, and you are looking for a lodge with many great amenities, such as a spa, hot tub, game room, sauna, and more, our Pica Zuro Lodge will keep all members of the family entertained in top fashion. You can spend your time as relaxed or as active as you wish, with many great options to choose from.

If a smaller, private lodge is more your speed, our La Dormida Lodge provides a great balance of contemporary comfort and elegance, with a welcoming private atmosphere for families. Two large outdoor fire pits and a heated plunge pool offer perfect outdoor relaxation for the family, and we can also arrange activities such as horseback riding or local tours when you are not hunting.

If you are looking for a relaxed, yet comfortable lodge which offers great value, our Córdoba Lodge would be an excellent option for your stay. Designed to be our Gateway to Córdoba dove hunting, with double rooms, a wonderful outdoor fire pit, and a hot tub, Córdoba Lodge offers a great balance between the excitement of the hunt and the relaxation of a resort, all at a great price point which works well for extended families and groups.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge & Córdoba Lodge.

Here the match will go with Santiago del Estero Lodge as this lodge will offer for many months (April 15th to Nov. 15th), the possibility to do dove shooting but also add a few very good pigeons’ hunts. Pigeons are plentiful in Santiago del Estero. Clients will be able to add this as an extra hunt for a full day, or half a day. Normally, when hunting pigeons, as a difference with the doves, we spend the full day at the field, doing the traditional barbecue on the field, just as we do in Córdoba.

Match with Santiago del Estero Lodge.

La Dormida Lodge’s contemporary elegance and cozy feel cater especially well to small groups. A collection of single and double rooms along with spacious gathering areas, such as two large outdoor fire pits, a heated plunge pool, and a comfortable living room with a grand fireplace, create an atmosphere that is very welcoming and a terrific venue for smaller private parties.

The newly built, custom game room also offers great fun and entertainment during your stay. A beautiful new billiard table often becomes the center of activity in the evenings, with guests challenging each other, laughing, and enjoying all that the lodge has to offer.

Match with La Dormida Lodge.

Pica Zuro Lodge offers the best relaxation before and after your hunt. From its private massage rooms with well trained, experienced masseuses, to its own spa, with saunas, hot tub, and in-ground pool, along with a custom-built game room, with billiard table and more, you can rest assured that during your stay at Pica Zuro Lodge you will be more than amply entertained from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge.

Santiago del Estero is a region that has remained frozen in a simpler time with a slower pace, genuine people and a refurbished Spanish-style mansion are the hub of activity- think Downton Abbey- but with a ton of doves!

Match with Santiago del Estero Lodge.

Córdoba Lodge was designed specifically to be our “Gateway to the dove hunting capital of the world”. The lodge offers groups a great value in their hunt, while still bringing you the impeccable service, and amazing dove shooting that David Denies has long been known for.

Match with Córdoba Lodge.

Pack your clothing & personal items and let us do the rest. All of our lodges offer gun rentals, so you need not worry about the permits and issues which may arise when traveling with a firearm. We also offer laundry services, so even with your clothes, you can pack light. 

Each lodge also has on-site pro-shop offering items such as caps and clothing, as well as a selection of shooting items such as gloves and shoulder pads, should you forget an item or just wish to bring home a memento of your trip.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge, Córdoba Lodge & Santiago del Estero Lodge.

For small groups of guests (6 to 10) wishing to have a private room, both our Pica Zuro Lodge and La Dormida Lodge offer several beautifully appointed single guest rooms with private en suite bathrooms. There is a nominal surcharge to guarantee a single room. 

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge & La Dormida Lodge.

Santiago del Estero Lodge offers 14 single rooms, enough so that everyone can have a single room for their stay, so bring your boss or invite uncle Ned- there is room for everyone to join the fun! Most of the rooms offer private bathrooms, a few others have shared bathrooms, but all are single rooms.

Match with Santiago del Estero Lodge.

David Denies has a rich history of social responsibility in the communities where we work and live. All of our lodges work closely with the Maria de la Esperanza Mission, located in the San Marcos Sierras region of Córdoba, Argentina, a non-profit organization with a long history of charitable work in remote and vulnerable areas.

The birds are collected after each hunt, cleaned, prepared, and brought to the foundation to feed needy families in and around Córdoba & Santiago del Estero. A portion of each box of shells sold goes to support the Foundation by providing much-needed funds for food, electricity, gas, building supplies, and school materials for each community center.

We also encourage our guests to contribute with donations that go toward building additional safe havens, where children are fed, receive after school classes, and take part in recreational activities.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge, Córdoba Lodge & Santiago del Estero Lodge.

While the location of the shooting fields may change, it is due more to the season than the lodge chosen. All three of our lodges can offer incredible, fast-paced shooting in the famed Hills of Córdoba, depending upon the time of year you visit.

Traditionally, between August and February, you will be hunting the hillside dove roosts which are plentiful in the areas and just a short drive from our lodges. 

With over 300,000 acres of private dove hunting ground, more than any other outfitter in the business, David Denies can offer you the greatest variety of shooting scenarios available at any time of the year you choose to visit.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge & Córdoba Lodge.

Traditionally, between March and August, you will be hunting along the vast swaths of agricultural fields which abound in this area of Córdoba. This is the harvest season, and at this time the birds move from field to field, following the grain harvest. Every day our teams of dedicated scouts are glassing our fields, to find the perfect hunting location for you.

With over 300,000 acres of private dove hunting ground, more than any other outfitter in the business, David Denies has the ability to follow the birds, wherever they may roam, and put you in the best possible place to experience the incredibly high-volume dove shooting you have dreamed of.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge & Córdoba Lodge.

On most days, the location of the shooting field, combined with the wind and weather conditions will dictate how high the birds will be flying, but our experienced field managers and guides will do their best to find just the right spot to get you on the type of birds you wish to pursue.

In the hills, you might find yourself shooting from the bottom of a steep valley, or in a riverbed flanked by tall peaks or maybe a saddle between the hills with just the right wind and perfect approach of birds to offer the challenging shooting you are looking for.

No matter what time of year you wish to visit, we will always do our best to put you in position to experience the shoot you have dreamed of, and with our extensive collection of over 300,000 acres of dove habitat, we can offer the best opportunity for the shooting scenarios you desire.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge & Córdoba Lodge.

Santiago del Estero Lodge provides the option of returning to the lodge every day as drives from the lodge to the shooting fields are amazignly short.

Match with Santiago del Estero Lodge.

All of our David Denies Dove lodges are ideally located to offer the best possible logistics, before, during, and after your hunt.

All three lodges at Córdoba are just about a 90-minute drive from Córdoba International Airport, so you will land in the morning and be at the lodge shortly thereafter, enjoying a delicious Asado lunch and an afternoon of shooting. During your hunt, you will experience drives to the field ranging from 15 to 45 minutes on average. 

During the harvest season, when the birds are traveling each day to the grain fields, drives might be on the longer side of that average, but with over 300,000 acres of prime dove fields, we can assure you the shortest drives possible. This vast acreage also allows us the opportunity to rest our fields longer than any other outfitter, keeping hunting pressure on any given field extremely low, providing great shooting opportunities every day of the year. 

Santiago del Estero Lodge also offers short drives on average in the range of 15 to 35 minutes, with the possibility of returning to the lodge every day for lunch and siesta.

Match with Pica Zuro Lodge, La Dormida Lodge, Córdoba Lodge & Santiago del Estero Lodge.

Still can’t make up your mind?

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the lodges or their hunting schedules to help decide which is right for you, just give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have, and our experts can help recommend the lodge that best suits you.

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