We’ve uniquely positioned each of our lodges to cater to the diverse needs and desires of our clients. All our lodges have world-class hunting, amazing food, great wine, and legendary service. As we’ve grown, each lodge has developed a different personality, mainly based on the staff, location, and facilities. Choose which of the below criteria are most important to you. If you find yourself doubting your choice, don’t worry, any stay with David Denies is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime!

Find out what Dove Lodge best fits you

Santiago del Estero LodgeA Spanish-styled manse of great consequence with sprawling courtyards, which lends rural elegance to the exciting shooting at hand. Our lodge offers top-notch facilities and amenities, featuring a pool table, massage room, spectacular wine cellar, a gun cleaning room, and a TV room that caters to all your needs. Santiago del Estero Lodge also boasts a private landing strip, very close to the lodge. 

Pica Zuro Lodge With its stately, traditional Argentine style, Pica Zuro is the perfect setting for those looking for luxury accommodations and service, paired with some of the best dove shooting Argentina has to offer. The lodge features a traditional dining room, a comfortable sitting room with a nearby bar, a recreation room with a billiards table, a gun cleaning room, and private massage rooms, as well as a swimming pool, spa with dry sauna and jacuzzi, and inviting fire pits for relaxation after the hunt.

Carmelo Lodge Uruguay pairs high-volume dove shooting with a Napa-caliber wine experience, plus golf. The lodge itself is within the confines of the vineyard proper, with views of, and access to the winery and its inner workings. Carmelo Lodge offers 10 delightful rooms each with King beds and a private bath, and cheery public spaces and courtyards allow guests plenty of room to relax or an invitation to wander the sprawling property.


Tucumán Lodge Tucumán is the newest frontier in dove hunting in Argentina, with what appears to be virtually endless shooting. The lodge is situated on over 120,000 acres and has modern management techniques to ensure superb hunting experiences. There are approximately 25 shooting positions in the region’s rich farmland, and the lodge has exclusive rights to many of the best dove hunting properties in the province. The lodge offers shooting opportunities suitable for all skill levels, and there is no bag limit. In addition- we shoot right on the lodge property, so once you get here, drives are as short as they get!

Santiago del Estero LodgeSantiago del Estero is a prime destination for dove and pigeon shooting, situated in an unpressured and rural area known for its abundance of birds that can sometimes darken the sky. The lodge has been allocated a vast and highly productive hunting zone, providing exclusive access to some of the best shooting locations, and guaranteeing short drives to the shooting positions. Santiago del Estero offers high-volume shooting experiences that are suitable for all skill levels, reminiscent of the old days of dove shooting. The action is constant, compelling, and sure to delight any shooter.


Carmelo LodgeSituated in a rich wine-producing area with rolling slopes and vineyards, this lodge offers an abundance of birds that rival any other location in South America. Shooters will be thrilled with the non-stop action and challenging shooting opportunities, suitable for all skill levels. The lodge’s expert guides will ensure a memorable experience, with short drives to shooting positions and access to exclusive hunting zones.

Pica Zuro, La Dormida & Cordoba LodgeAll of our Córdoba lodges offer exciting and fast-paced shooting in the renowned Hills of Córdoba all year round. However, there are many other locations available for hunting doves, including sunflower fields, feedlots, hills, flats, waterholes, and roosts. The choice of location depends on the behavior of the doves, so you can hunt in any of these locations at any time of the year, regardless of the season and the lodge you choose.

Carmelo LodgeShoot doves on the rolling slopes and vineyards of this rich wine-producing area, with flights of birds that rival any population of doves you’ll see anywhere in South America. While not as hilly as the mountains near Cordoba, you will see enough terrain to keep things very interesting!

Tucumán Lodge An exceptional choice for dove hunting in Argentina, not only for the abundance of birds but also for the convenience of the location. The lodge offers some of the shortest drives to hunting grounds in Argentina, with an average of 10 to 45 minutes tops. The close proximity of the hunting grounds to the lodge means that guests can easily return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before heading back out for an afternoon shoot.

Santiago del Estero Lodge Perfectly positioned to offer some of the shortest drives to the best shooting grounds, Santiago del Estero Lodge ensures guests spend more time in the field and less time on the road with an average drive time of just 15-50 minutes throughout the year. After a morning hunt, guests can easily return to the lodge for a delicious lunch and a siesta before heading back out for an afternoon shoot.

Carmelo Lodge Located in Uruguay, Carmelo offers some of the most exceptional shooting experiences with its convenient location. With most of the great shooting located within a 30-minute drive on well-maintained roads, and often just 15 minutes away, guests will not lose much time traveling each day. With such short drives, guests can maximize their time in the field and enjoy the lodge’s comfortable accommodations and amenities in between hunting sessions.

If you’re looking for a dove hunting experience that offers the flexibility to return to the lodge for lunch and siesta, both Tucumán Lodge and Santiago del Estero Lodge are great options in Argentina, while Carmelo Lodge is the perfect one in Uruguay. These lodges are conveniently located near the shooting grounds, with an average drive time of just 10-45 minutes, allowing you to easily return to the lodge during the day. However, if you prefer to spend the entire day in the field, all lodges also offer the option of having a traditional Argentine field lunch in our classic tented quinchos. This allows you to enjoy a delicious asado while taking in the beautiful surroundings and enjoying the company of your fellow hunters. Whatever your preference, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, and Carmelo lodges offer an unforgettable dove hunting experience with the flexibility to make it your own.

Santiago del Estero LodgeThis is a great option for those looking to combine high-volume dove shooting with wild pigeon hunting. From May 1st to October 15th, guests at the lodge can enjoy both dove and pigeon hunting experiences. Pigeons are abundant in the area, and the lodge offers the possibility to add this as an extra hunt for full or half days. This means that guests can enjoy the best of both worlds, experiencing the thrill of high-volume dove shooting and the challenge of hunting wild pigeons, all from the same location

Alternatively, David Denies offers another excellent solution for hunters who want to combine high-volume dove shooting with wild pigeon hunting on the same trip. Guests can choose to stay at any of our three dove lodges (Pica Zuro, La Dormida, or Córdoba lodges) and combine with our flagship pigeon lodge, La Torcaza, all located in Córdoba province. With the two destinations only an hour and a half away from each other, this combination provides an ideal experience for those looking to hunt two different species and enjoy a diverse lodging and shooting experience. You can shoot two different species in different settings and experiences, making for a truly unique adventure.

All of our lodges in Córdoba provide a unique opportunity for small groups to enjoy a private hunting experience with the option of booking the entire lodge for exclusive use (subject to group size and availability). Each lodge features comfortable Single Rooms with private bathrooms, ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. 

La Dormida Lodge With its contemporary elegance and cozy atmosphere, La Dormida Lodge is an ideal venue for smaller private parties. The lodge features a collection of single and double rooms and spacious gathering areas, such as two large outdoor fire pits, a heated plunge pool, and a comfortable living room with a grand fireplace, creating a welcoming atmosphere for small groups.

Pica Zuro LodgeThis historic 19th-century compound is centered around the authentic Argentine-style Estancia, where hunters can make themselves at home during their stay. The lodge houses a large traditional dining room adjacent to a comfortable sitting room with a nearby bar. The recreation room offers a billiards table, with a sitting area and bar. There is also a gun cleaning room and private 2 masseuse rooms. After the hunt, guests can relax in the swimming pool, spa with a dry sauna and jacuzzi, or by one of the inviting fire pits.

Córdoba LodgeAn elegant and modern property that is composed of several separate buildings on one compound. The main house features common areas, including a large living area with a fireplace, a bar, a welcoming dining room, and a private wellness room for massages. Outdoors, guests can enjoy a hot tub and a large outdoor fire pit. There are eight large bedrooms, each with two queen-sized beds and a private bathroom.

Santiago del Estero Lodge With 11 private rooms available, most guests can enjoy a single room during their stay. Whether you’re traveling with your boss or inviting Uncle Ned, there is plenty of space for everyone to join the fun! Each room comes with a private bathroom, with 8 single rooms and 3 shared rooms available.

Carmelo LodgeOur lodge offers 10 comfortable rooms, each featuring a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom. Ranging in size from 82 to 110 square feet, all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, minibar, and the right climate control for each season. For couples, we can accommodate up to 18 guests.

Córdoba Lodge – This lodge was specifically designed for groups looking for the ultimate dove shooting adventure in a relaxed atmosphere that also offers unbeatable value. The lodge offers groups great value in their hunt, while still bringing you the impeccable service, and amazing dove shooting that David Denies has long been known for.

Carmelo LodgeDuring your hunting stay you may arrange a dining experience at one of the other nearby wineries as part of a larger wine tour of Uruguay. Or, for yet a deeper dive into the wines, you could extend your stay at Carmelo Lodge after your hunting stay is complete and while staying at Carmelo, also visit the other wineries as well.

Pica Zuro LodgeIt brings together historic, Argentine-style with the classical dove shooting of famed Córdoba. You will be treated to superb accommodations, and amenities include a Spa, hot-tub, sauna, pools, and private massage rooms, Pica Zuro is the perfect retreat for a sporting couple to spend a few days, shooting and relaxing. Horseback rides and tours are also available.

La Dormida LodgeOffers a refined, elegant lodge experience combined with world-class dove hunting. Beautifully appointed rooms, many with king-sized beds, make for a welcoming and extremely comfortable “home away from home” during your stay.  This combined with great opportunities for the non-hunter, such as horseback riding, local tours, and more, make it the perfect getaway for couples.

All of our lodges provide a wonderful atmosphere for a family stay, as well as being the perfect location for father and son/daughter hunts.

Pack your clothing & personal items and let us do the rest. All of our lodges offer gun rentals, so you need not worry about the permits and issues which may arise when traveling with a firearm. We also offer laundry services, so even with your clothes, you can pack light. 

Each lodge also has on-site pro-shop offering items such as caps and clothing, as well as a selection of shooting items such as gloves and shoulder pads, should you forget an item or just wish to bring home a memento of your trip.

David Denies has a rich history of social responsibility in the communities where we work and live. All of our lodges work closely with the Maria de la Esperanza Mission, located in the San Marcos Sierras region of Córdoba, Argentina, a non-profit organization with a long history of charitable work in remote and vulnerable areas.

The birds are collected after each hunt, cleaned, prepared, and brought to the foundation to feed needy families in and around Córdoba & Santiago del Estero. A portion of each box of shells sold goes to support the Foundation by providing much-needed funds for food, electricity, gas, building supplies, and school materials for each community center.

We also encourage our guests to contribute with donations that go toward building additional safe havens, where children are fed, receive after school classes, and take part in recreational activities.

Still can’t make up your mind?

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the lodges or their hunting schedules to help decide which is right for you, just give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have, and our experts can help recommend the lodge that best suits you.

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