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Once dates are confirmed David Denies will create an electronic invoice. To confirm your reservation a 50% deposit is needed within the next 2 weeks. The trip should be paid in full 120 days prior to your arrival date. We accept wire transfers, checks and credit cards.

  • Argentina – Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and other Western European nations, do not require a visa for tourist trips of up to 90 days to Argentina-however they must travel with a valid passport from their country of residence. Those carrying passports from other nations should check with their local consulates for specific regulations.
  • Uruguay – Foreign visitors do not need to submit special paperwork to immigration. Only a current passport is necessary. For citizens of countries bordering Uruguay only an identification card is needed. Passport must be valid at time of entry. One page is required for an entry stamp. Visa is not required for stays less than 90 days. (this applies for US passengers).

You will complete a two part landing card and be issued a stamp for stays of 30, 60 or 90 days. Place the duplicate of the landing card in your passport, next to your entrance stamp, as you’ll need it to leave the country.

  • Argentina – To get to any of the Lodges in Argentina you will first need to travel to the main hub which is Buenos Aires (Ezeiza International Airport – EZE, Ministro Pistarini Airport). There are direct flights from Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York in the United States and many of the main cities in Europe also have direct flights (Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome, etc.) Once you arrive to Ezeiza we recommend staying one night in Buenos Aires to get to know the city and to be able to catch your local flight to the Lodge you are going to. To get to the Lodges your flight will most likely depart from the Local Airport (Aeroparque – AEP, Jorge Newbery Airport). Please contact your trip coordinator so that they can recommend the best flights to take. Local airline in Argentina is Aerolíneas Argentinas.
  • Uruguay– Most of our clients fly-in through Buenos Aires, Argentina first and then fly into Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo (MVD). For guests coming from the U.S., there are direct flights to Montevideo from Miami International Airport. European guests can travel through Madrid, Spain, as they offer regularly scheduled flights direct to Montevideo. Once you land in Montevideo, you will be met by a representative of David Denies Bird Hunting and brought to the lodge by ground transfer.

Yes, all of our destinations require a hunting license. David Denies will file for all required licences for you, so there is no worry or confusion. Our logistics coordinators will reach out to you well before your visit, for the necessary information so that we can get the hunting license prior to your arrival.

Some of our lodges provide a single room (with shared guide) by default, others offer shared rooms, based on double occupancy and shared guide. Single rooms are subject to availability and might have an additional charge. Please be sure to ask your travel coordinator for specifics on the lodge you will be visiting.

Prior to your arrival we will be sending you a pre-trip information packet on the hunting program, including a recommended packing list.

Yes, you can certainly bring your own shotgun to hunt at our lodges, but importing your personal firearms into Argentina and Uruguay requires taking detailed steps prior to your trip, and you may also be subject to considerable expenses.

Please carefully read the section we’ve dedicated to this matter in our website prior to making a decision to travel with your guns, or consider renting those available at the lodges.

If you have read through the whole procedure and you still have doubts, at David Denies we have been assisting hunters and sportsmen traveling with guns for over 30 years and we are very familiar with the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Guns – There are quality shotguns, both semi-auto and over & under, available at the Lodges for you to rent if needed. Most of our guests opt to rent guns as it simplifies your paperwork and the travel process. Please contact your travel coordinator for further information.
  • Waders – For those visiting our mixed bag or duck lodges, waders are available for your use. Please inquire with your travel coordinator to be sure that you will have access to the correct size needed. There is no charge for use of waders at our lodges.

We will reach out to you a month prior to your arrival with an online form which works as our “registration form” requesting all the information needed from you. We want to learn a little bit about your preferences, dietary restrictions, medical conditions or any special request you may have. Flight info should also be included here.

Your trip coordinator will assist you with flights that you need to book. You can book them yourself or we offer a concierge service for your disposal. PRANA tourism is our sister travel agency specialized in booking flights, hotels, etc.. they take care of your entire experience, from start to finish. Let us know if you’d like to take advantage of Prana services
  • Argentina – The Argentinian Peso varies a lot in terms of exchange rate and there are several rates. If you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires a few days prior or after your stay with us, you can exchange money to have cash in hand. Ask us or the concierge at your hotel about the current rate and a safe place to exchange dollars. Restaurants, hotels and big stores will take credit cards as payment, but taxis, smaller stores and street vendors (in street fairs) take only cash, they might take dollars but might not give you the best exchange rate. At our Lodges you can pay extras and tips with a credit card or cash (US dollars).
  • Uruguay – Similar to Argentina, if you will be staying in Montevideo for a few days prior or after your trip you can exchange money to have some local currency, but many of the places you will visit will accept credit cards for payment. At the Lodge you can pay extras and tips with a credit card or cash (US dollars).

For all our locations a Lodge representative will meet you upon your arrival to the local airport holding a sign with the Lodge name so that you can identify them easily. If you are delayed or miss your flight, please let us know.

All of our lodges have a phone available, and if you wish to place outgoing calls you may do so with a calling card. We have found ATT to be the most effective in our experience in Argentina. Internet wi-fi connection is also available at the lodge.

We do our best to provide guests with fast and reliable internet via the best technology available, but we’re forced to use the carriers that serve remote areas where our lodges are located. Sometimes this results in slower speeds and service delays due to access volume and weather disruptions. We apologize in advance if one of these problems occurs.

Yes, laundry service is available at all of our lodges. Laundry placed outside your room in the morning will be returned washed and ironed the following day. The cost for washing, drying and ironing is $3 USD per item. We do not charge for underwear.

If you are joining us at our Argentina or Uruguay lodges, you can easily add to your sporting adventure by combining your trip with either more hunting, adding other bird species or Big Game, or with a stay at one of our fine fishing lodges for the best Cast & Blast experience in South America. If you are interested in adding variety to your sporting life, look no further than Red Stag Patagonia and Nervous Waters Fly Fishing. All three brands are owned and operated by the same company, The Kautapen Group, and each operation is dedicated to making your outdoor experience fun, memorable, and productive.

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