Concierge Service

David Denies’ concierge service partner is Prana Turismo, a Buenos Aires-based company that exists to make your life easier. Prana can book and confirm flights, book any hotel (from reasonable to regal), and make myriad en route arrangements. With Prana, international travel is now more convenient than ever.

In addition to planning travel to and from our lodges, tailored packages are Prana’s specialty—travel accommodations, air bookings, charter flights and ground transfers, and everything associated with your journey. They can book a simple dinner reservation, a tango show, or a three-day stay at the wineries of Mendoza. Prana’s concierge service is at your disposal 24/7.

Prana is also here to help when things go wrong—and let’s face it, once in a while things happen when you’re on the road, far from home. Thanks to this service, your destination is notified in the event of a delay, so you’ll be met on arrival, regardless of the hour. In the case of lost luggage, a lost passport, or any type of unforeseen issue, Prana will act as your advocate until you get back on schedule. If you need to know where to buy a hair dryer, or where to charter a helicopter—Prana has the answers.