We’ve uniquely positioned each of our lodges to cater to the diverse needs and desires of our clients. All our lodges have world-class hunting, amazing food, great wine, and legendary service. As we’ve grown, each lodge has developed a different personality, mainly based on the staff, location, and facilities. Choose which of the below criteria are most important to you. If you find yourself doubting your choice, don’t worry, any stay with David Denies is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime!

Find out what Duck Lodge best fits you

Jacana Lodge is our flagship duck hunting venue, with your entire experience focused on the amazing waterfowling this area offers. You will be hunting ducks both morning and afternoon each day.

Located in the heart of the Argentina flyway, Jacana Lodge boasts a collection of well over 100 hunting locations. From small spring-fed ponds to larger lagoons and marshes, and everything in between, Jacana Lodge will bring you the waterfowling experience of a lifetime! 

* Note: You can have virtually the same duck hunting experience at Los Picazos Lodge, just a couple hours ride from Buenos Aires, ducks are on the hunting menu each and every day morning and afternoon.

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Our Los Crestones Lodge program focuses strongly on ducks, with additional mixed bag hunting also available.

The duck program offers generous limits, combined with a lot of hunting ground, so you will have the best opportunity to see good numbers of birds and mixed species. The lodge also has terrific perdiz hunting and a dove roost with around 3 million birds in residence.  Big game hunting options are also available for those wishing to experience the challenge of stalking wild free-range game, including Blackbuck, Axis Deer, Water Buffalo, and Wild Boar, with rifle or bow.

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One of the great duck lodges of the modern era, Jacana Lodge is full and stays full, so Los Picazos Lodge was created to satisfy the discriminating duck hunter, with a club-like atmosphere, multiple hunting locations, great equipment and generous limits. You’ll shoot a week’s worth of ducks on your first day at Los Picazos. As a bonus, it is even closer to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, in the Salado river country, where prime puddle duck habitat abounds. It’s just 90 minutes from the international airport so you can land, lunch, nap, and shoot on arrival day without missing a beat. Charlie Lanusse- creator and head man at Jacana created Los Picazos Lodge, so you know it too will be tip-top quality in all regards.

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Focused solely on duck hunting, our Jacana Lodge offers the best opportunity to see the greatest variety of species during your hunt. With both morning and afternoon duck hunts scheduled each day, you will also have the best opportunity to fill the generous duck limit which the lodge offers.

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The hunting program at Los Crestones Lodge centers around our kennel of well-trained and versatile retrieving, pointing, and flushing dogs. 

You will be accompanied by one of our full-time, professional guides and their dog, on your duck hunts each day. The experience of seeing these dogs in action, retrieving each bird to hand is a spectacular experience all its own. 

An afternoon can be spent chasing the hard flying Perdiz, in the fields and pastures which are just a short drive from the lodge.

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Our Los Crestones Lodge offers a true mixed bag experience, including several species of birds, as well as the opportunity to hunt Big Game.

Duck hunting lies at the heart of the Los Crestones experience, with most mornings spent in the duck blind, where generous limits and species only found in South America, make for a waterfowling trip of a lifetime. 

The lodge also offers the opportunity to combine your duck hunting with big game hunting for several wild, free-range species including Blackbuck, Axis Deer, Water Buffalo, and Wild Hogs.

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Pack your clothing & personal items and let us do the rest. All of our lodges offer gun rentals, so you need not worry about the permits and issues which may arise when traveling with a firearm. We also offer laundry services, so even with your clothes, you can pack light. 

Waders are also available at our Los Crestones, Jacana & Los Picazos lodges at no extra cost, making it easy for traveling duck hunters to pack light. 

Each lodge also has on-site pro-shop offering items such as caps, and clothing as well as a selection of shooting items such as gloves, and shoulder pads should you forget an item or just wish to bring home a memento of your trip.

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For our guests who prefer the ease of arriving by private air charter, both our Los Crestones Lodge and Jacana Lodge have excellent options which will get you from the airport to the lodge, in a quick and comfortable fashion.

At Los Crestones Lodge we can assist with booking a private helicopter flight directly from your arrival airport to the lodge. Thanks to our lovely, and extensive grounds, we have the option for the helicopter charters to land right on our lawn, so you can walk directly to the lodge.

If you are traveling to Jacana Lodge, we can arrange for a charter flight into a small private airstrip in nearby Lincoln, just a short drive from the lodge. Allowing you to cut the travel time from your arrival airport to the lodge by hours.

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For guests wishing to have a private room, Los Crestones Lodge offers beautifully appointed, single guest rooms, with king beds and private en suite bathrooms, by default, at no extra cost.

While private rooms cannot be reserved at Jacana Lodge, they are sometimes offered, based upon occupancy, for no additional charge.

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Jacana Lodge’s contemporary style and comfortable common areas create the perfect venue for small groups (up to 8 hunters in 5 rooms).

The lodge houses a collection of five double rooms along with spacious gathering areas, such as an inviting main room, with a full bar and granite fireplace, a smaller living room which offers satellite television, and a lovely formal dining room, all of which combine to create an atmosphere that is very comfortable and welcoming for smaller private parties.

Finally- what could be better than a great duck hunt? A great private duck hunt. Los Picazos Lodge will take only a maximum of 6 hunters at any time- or a private party of four will occupy the lodge with a private room for each. Who could ask for more?

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Los Crestones Lodge is housed in the famed Estancia Bella Vista. Steeped in local and national history, the main house, which was built in the late 1800s, offers a unique elegance, the likes of which are reminiscent of Old Europe, while at the same time remaining true to its Argentine past.

The lodge’s impressive central stairway spirals up through the middle of the main building, taking guests to their well-appointed, private rooms on the second floor, then continuing upward to the top of the building’s main tower.

A large main gathering area, with a living room, full bar, billiard, and poker tables, as well as a beautiful fireplace create the perfect space for after-hunt recreation and relaxation. Comfortable outdoor seating areas, with firepit, offer amazing sunset views over the Salado River.

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Duck hunting at our lodges in Uruguay takes place from dry-land blinds, set alongside our water impoundments such as ponds, channels, or lagoons. Decoys are set and downed birds are retrieved by your guides at the completion of shooting.

While perdiz are the main focus at our lodges in Uruguay, duck hunting is quite good and offers a great variety of species seen nowhere else outside of South America.

Los Crestones Lodge also offers a limited number of dry ground blinds, in addition to many “wet” blinds, which are set in the ponds and marshes. 

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Still can’t make up your mind?

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the lodges or their hunting schedules to help decide which is right for you, just give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have, and our experts can help recommend the lodge that best suits you.

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