Perdiz Hunting

Semantics: hunting or shooting?

by Douglas Larsen The neighbor lady saw me unloading dogs and decoys from my truck, and she hollered across the alley, “Did you catch any?” I answered her and told her that yes, we did shoot some ducks, and told her I’d be happy to bring some over after they were cleaned. She said she’d …


10 Perdiz Hunting Tips

Bernardo Barran, co-owner of both San Juan and Uruguay Lodges, has more than 40 years of experience perdiz hunting in Uruguay, and is South America’s most noted upland outfitter. In the text that follows, he shares his knowledge about particular perdiz hunting experiences. Taking these 10 tips into consideration will not only make you a …


Easy to Read – Clients Review

We receive some great reports from our clients, but now and again we receive one that is very worthy of sharing. Take a moment to read this from Mr. Peter Bassnett of the UK. We are happy to have him shooting with us each year! “My first visit to this wonderful country took place in the …