Pigeon Hunting

Meet our new frontier in dove & pigeon shooting – Santiago del Estero Lodge

Our newest destination, Santiago del Estero Lodge, is located in the northern province of the same name, in an unpressured, rural area where the local folks are happy to make your acquaintance, where the pace of life is still tied to the land, and where the doves and pigeons can at times literally darken the …


David Denies X Pilla Eyewear Giveaway

For more than 20 years, Pilla has been manufacturing world-class shooting eyewear. Together with ZEISS (a company with over 165 years of optics development) they have created the finest shooting eyewear available in today’s market. David Denies is proud to announce an official partnership with Pilla Performance Eyewear. The world’s finest hunting lodges are now …