Meet our new frontier in dove & pigeon shooting – Santiago del Estero Lodge

Our newest destination, Santiago del Estero Lodge, is located in the northern province of the same name, in an unpressured, rural area where the local folks are happy to make your acquaintance, where the pace of life is still tied to the land, and where the doves and pigeons can at times literally darken the sky. Here we have rebuilt a home of great consequence, a Spanish-styled manse with sprawling courtyards, which lends rural elegance to the exciting shooting at hand.
Join us as we embark on a destination that is both compelling and unique. You will find the lodge elegant but not stilted, the service sharp but not bothersome, and the dining and amenities uniformly terrific. And all this as a framework for some of the greatest dove and pigeon shooting to be found in South America.

About the Lodge

Operated by David Denies, the pioneer of dove shooting since 1984, Santiago del Estero Lodge offers some of the very best high-volume dove shooting in the country combining short drives with phenomenal accommodations & service.
Ideal for groups of up to 14-17 guests, the lodge offers 11 rooms – 8 private rooms each with a king-size bed, plus 3 double rooms, all rooms included air-conditioning, heating, and room safes
The grand house can comfortably welcome couples, families, corporate parties, or a group of friends. The facilities and amenities at the lodge are without peer in the shooting world, featuring a private billiards room, an outdoor heated plunge pool, gym and massage room, wine cellar, and TV room. 
The grounds that surround this sprawling lodge are also home to a central fire pit, which offers the perfect spot for afternoon and evening relaxation.

About the Hunting

Santiago del Estero as a province is very unique in terms of hunting rights. The province is divided into zones and then zones are allocated to outfitters. Santiago del Estero Lodge has been allocated with a large and very productive hunting zone, providing absolute exclusivity over a huge expanse of land. This not only lets us manage our own pressure without outside influence, but it also allows us the possibility to actively manage our resources by rotating different flyways and completely minimizing hunting pressure.

Dove Shooting

It is difficult to describe volume dove shooting to those that have not done it- the excitement and constant action makes it compelling like no other venue in sport. And here in Santiago del Estero we have high volume shooting as it was in the good old days. Imagine a semi-tropical plain, with trees of mixed heights and field edges and fence lines that would recall the best dove and quail habitat of the old south.

Pigeon Hunting

Not only dove shooting is good, but we also encounter a phenomenal population of wild pigeons. The access to water through the Río Dulce river and its marshes combined with the food and acres and acres of trees and scrub makes this environment perfect for the development of wild pigeons. For the Pigeon shots, we normally drive a little bit more, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. 

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