Introducing Conservation Weeks

Las Teleras Project @ Santiago Del Estero Lodge

September 19th to 23rd, 2024

David Denies core mission has always revolved around conservation. Since our founding, we’ve remained committed to preserving our natural resources and the communities connected to our operations. Over time, we’ve backed various charitable causes and local communities, laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. Our goal is to make the most of every conservation investment, fostering sustainable development within these communities and securing our hunting areas for future generations.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce “Conservation Weeks” for the upcoming seasons. These thoughtfully crafted weeks, held at your preferred The Kautapen Group (mother brand of David Denies) destinations, will be the cornerstone of our philanthropic work. We empower you to choose the Conservation Week Trip that aligns best with your interests and favored sporting species.

In the remote villages nestled deep within the Santiago del Estero province, a remarkable group of women is trying to forge their own path and empower local women. These women are known as SachaMama, a name resonating with the essence of the forest, translating to “Mother of the Forest” in their native tongue. They are the weavers of dreams, and their artistry is as enchanting as the secrets held within the heart of the woods.

In the heart of the village, the women of SachaMama gather. Their hands move with grace and purpose as they weave intricate patterns into the fabric of life itself. Their creations are not merely threads and textiles; they are a testament to the enduring spirit of the forest and the power of women.

Like works of art, SachaMama fabrics are unique, and hardly two are alike. They are made entirely by hand, and depending on the Telera that creates them, the result is a unique product, similar but not identical.

These women are known as “Teleras”. The Teleras are the weavers who work diligently at their looms, transforming raw fibers into exquisite fabrics. They spin and dye wool from sheep and llamas, using age-old techniques passed down from their ancestors. These women know that the most vibrant pigments are hidden within the roots, barks, and resins of the forest. 

And so, SachaMama thrives, not just as a group of remarkable women but as a living testament to the beauty and strength found in the heart of the forest. Their art is a reflection of their heritage, a bond with nature, and a testament to the enduring power of women who weave their lives with threads of love, tradition, and empowerment.

David Denies pledges to donate 50% of the revenue from this week to SachaMama. Join us for an unforgettable dove-shooting adventure at Santiago del Estero Lodge while supporting these phenomenal women. The week’s proceeds will contribute to providing clean water and solar panel equipment to each of the Teleras’ homes. This entire process will be supervised and validated by SachaMama, Fundación Jesuita de Boquerón, ensuring that the investment reaches where it’s most needed. Embrace the “Conservation Weeks” and let’s champion Las Teleras together.

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