December 2021

Meet our new frontier in dove & pigeon shooting – Santiago del Estero Lodge

Our newest destination, Santiago del Estero Lodge, is located in the northern province of the same name, in an unpressured, rural area where the local folks are happy to make your acquaintance, where the pace of life is still tied to the land, and where the doves and pigeons can at times literally darken the …


Tips on Blind and Decoy Placement

By Doug Larsen First, let’s discuss blinds. There are many types, but what works best is a blind that will blend in with the surroundings of where you are seeing ducks. If the ducks are in a cornfield, build a blind and cover it with cornstalks, in a marsh, use cattails or tules or cut phragmites. When you …


Duck Hunting 101

by Douglas LarsenWe have a lot of clients that are attracted to duck hunting but also intimidated by it. But Argentina and Uruguay are the perfect places to try out the sport of waterfowling-then when you return home, you may choose to try it again in your own locale. Unlike big game hunting, where scent …