David Denies X Pilla Eyewear Giveaway

For more than 20 years, Pilla has been manufacturing world-class shooting eyewear. Together with ZEISS (a company with over 165 years of optics development) they have created the finest shooting eyewear available in today’s market.
David Denies is proud to announce an official partnership with Pilla Performance Eyewear. The world’s finest hunting lodges are now partnered with the world’s finest optics. To celebrate, we’ve created The David Denies Bird Hunting Kit.
The David Denies Bird Hunting Kit

The PILLA ZEISS 3-lens kit was specifically engineered for high-volume dove and pigeon shooting in both bright and low-light conditions. This David Denies Bird Hunting kit features Pilla Outlaw Series frames, with a carbon fiber temple system. These glasses weigh less than 28 grams–a model perfectly suited for all-day wear in the field.
We will be giving away 10 David Denies Bird Hunting Kits (valued at $1,119 USD) to the first 10 hunters booking a Dove+Pigeon combination trip with us*. 
In addition, we will be extending the following offer to all our clients: The David Denies Bird Hunting Kit will be available at a 15 percent discount.
Visit and use promo code DDBH2017
*restrictions apply
Now that’s an offer you have to “see” to believe!


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