Meet Tucumán Lodge- Our New Dove Hunting Lodge for 2023

Short Drives, Endless Doves

Tucumán is the newest frontier in dove hunting in Argentina, with what appears to be virtually endless shooting. Tucumán Lodge encompasses over 120.000 acres, and by maintaining modern management techniques, we’ve become the only outfitters in the area that offer superb hunting all year long. In addition- we shoot right on the lodge property, so once you get here, drives are short. Most days, just 30 minutes!
Surrounded by fields of shooting excellence, the colonial-style lodge has been virtually reborn with a sleek and stylish remodel that makes it highly comfortable and functional, yet pays homage to ranch life in the region. It all combines to make Tucumán Lodge a must-see for serious dove shooters looking to make a significant dent in Argentina’s prolific doves.

About the Hunting

There are roughly twenty-five shooting positions that are just a short drive away through the region’s rich farmland. The overwhelming number of birds flying over our terrain throughout the day guarantees great opportunities for non-stop shooting, suitable for all skill levels. Beginners have an unparalleled opportunity to improve their shooting skills by targeting low-flying doves, while more experienced shooters will find higher, faster targets a challenge. And like elsewhere in Argentina where doves are abundant, there is no bag limit.  In addition to the acreage surrounding the lodge, we also have the exclusive rights to many of the most revered dove hunting properties in the province, in the highlands and plains areas.

Tucumán Lodge offers the shortest dove shooting drives you’ll find anyplace south of Texas. We shoot right on the lodge property, so this is the only lodging with an average of a 30-minute drive to the dove shooting locations.

About the Lodge

Besides the terrific shooting, the main attraction of Tucumán Lodge is privacy for small parties, something rarely found elsewhere in dove shooting. Groups of eight or more can book the entire lodge (up to 12). In addition to the fast-paced shooting, the distant views of the Cocha Mountains and the sights and sounds of being on a working ranch add a particular charm to your stay. The colonial-style lodge has been virtually reborn with a sleek and stylish remodel that makes it highly comfortable and functional, yet pays homage to ranch life in the region.

Tucumán Lodge will be opening in January 2023. We are already taking reservations, so don't miss your spot! We are very excited to share this amazing lodge with you, and hope to see you soon!

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