Estancia Lanín – New Stag Opportunity in Argentina for 2023

Red Stag Lanín

After years of scouting many areas, we have recently secured for our guests what perhaps is one of the finest Red Stag hunting ranches in all of Argentina. This area in northwest Patagonia, at the foothills of the Lanin Volcano, has it all: a healthy deer population, a breathtaking mountain country interspersed with lakes and streams, and a beautiful historic ranch with an amazing view of the Huechulafquen lake, offering an ideal high-country sporting holiday.

The property is located in Junín de los Andes, very near the area where Red Deer from eastern Europe were first introduced in Patagonia, well more than one hundred years ago. The stags that populate this region are 100% wild free-roaming game that migrate through the terrain, even across the mountains into Chile and back.

As with our other properties, we practice strict herd management, harvesting only mature stags that are at the pinnacle or on the downslope of their reproductive life. We focus on these elder mountain stags that come from the high Cordillera into the lower valleys looking for hinds during the rut.

About the Hunting

The Red Stag Lanín hunting program is focused on providing the best hunts in one of the most beautiful areas of South America. Despite the fact that the official red deer season in Neuquén province goes from March to May, due to our current game management plan we only hunt during the pre-rut and only 1 week during peak rut, leaving the herd unmolested the rest of the year. We harvest a very limited amount of trophy Stags per season.

You and your guide (1×1) will depart by 4-wheel drive truck to the designated hunting area for the day. Horses may also be used if needed to access the more remote and highest parts of the ranch. Drives to the hunting area range between 10 to 30 minutes. Spotting and stalking is the most common way of hunting. Bowhunters may also spend some time sitting over wallows and watering areas, waiting for stags to come. The hunting can be arranged to include hikes into high country looking for lonely big stags or sitting in a blind overlooking a wallow in the valleys or river bottoms.

In addition to Stag hunting, pure wild European boar thrive as well in this area-a great addition to the Red Deer.

About the Lodge

The lodge is a beautiful stone and log house located within the ranch headquarters. This compound overlooks the expansive lake providing some of the most amazing views a hunting lodge can provide. The ranch lodge has capacity for 2 hunters at the moment and as many as four non-hunters.

There are several non-hunting activities within the ranch including horseback riding, hiking, birdwatching, and trout fishing on the lake. Also, some of the most iconic trout fisheries in Patagonia are in the Junín area so fishing days can be arranged. Our sister fishing company Nervous Waters Fly Fishing owns and operates Northern Patagonia Lodge, a beautiful trout lodge located on the upper Chimehuin River, just 20 minutes from the ranch.

We are very excited to share this new program with you, so please come and join us for this first season at Red Stag Lanín!
The Red Stag Patagonia Team.

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