David Denies Solidarity Day

“David Denies Solidarity Day” at Mission Esperanza Foundation

Sharing the day with the children of La Curva & La Feria Community Centers

Every month David Denies organizes a Solidarity Day with Sister Theresa.

Last month, a group of volunteers met at Mission Esperanza Foundation to welcome the children of the La Curva and La Feria Community Centers.

Our goal is that children have the opportunity to do things they don’t usually get to do. Our goal is to make them feel empowered by teaching them new things. Children participate in different activities such painting, storytelling, learning to recycle, soccer and other games.

The volunteers also bring donations for children such as clothes, sneakers, books and toys.

Volunteers and children also have lunch together and share snacks at the end of the day, and children’s birthdays are celebrated monthly.

Each child also goes home with a gift.

Twenty volunteers and seventy children participated in the most recent event.

Your donations from help us fund this important endeavor.

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