Social responsibility is a corporate philosophy

David Denies works closely with the Foundation Maria Esperenza-helping the needy in Cordoba

All our David Denies staff collaborates constantly with FME projects in many different ways.

It is important to us that is everyone involved in this cause because our staff can then tell our guests and spread the news of the work that is to be done. Our lodges staffers have the opportunity to telling where doves go and showing brochures of giving back.

In the field, at the end of shooting, part of the staff work is cleaning harvested doves, freezing the meat and preparing everything to be transported to the foundation.

We encourage our guests to contribute with donations so David Denies can support the foundation by providing food, electricity, gas, building supplies and  school materials.

We want to continue providing a daily meal to as many 600 unprivileged children, accompany children through the learning process through the school support program, and provide health care services and solidarity days to share with children.

Social responsibility is a corporate philosophy at David Denies, where we feel one of our goals is to enrich the lives of people in need.

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