Fall Planning – Duck Hunting Season – Argentina & Uruguay

We have wrapped up another South American shooting season. In Uruguay and Argentina, the beds are stripped, the decoys are stored in the barns, and the dogs are lounging on the porches. Despite an unusually rainy, high water year it was a great season and we look forward to 2015 at all our lodges.

As Autumn unfolds in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be college football, and seasonal parties, and the kids will head back to school. But for certain there will be hunting. If you live anywhere with a dove season, odds are you were in the field in early September for a dove opener. Special teal seasons begin this month in many states, as the tiny ducks speed north with the butterflies and well before the early frosts. Regardless of what bird hunting you’ll be doing, you will be together with friends and family in the field. That is important.

Since you’ll be together, it is also a good time to start planning a trip with us for next season. What better place to plan a duck hunt in Argentina than when you are sitting in the duck blind. As someone once said, you should go now, there will never be a better time to go than sometime soon. It isn’t too early to plan either. Most airlines are opening for booking about 300 days in advance or more, so you can lock down flight arrangements for May or June now. We can get you on our books, in the lodge you want, for the dates you want, before the booking “rush” after the holidays.

Duck Blind at Los Crestones

So, next time the flight slows down, or when you have time to chat with your shooting partner in the truck, think about planning something with us in Argentina or Uruguay.  It isn’t much different than shooting at home. Comfortable, nice folks, really good food…and a lot more birds.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your fall season wherever it takes you!


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