End of Season Report – Jacana Lodge, 2016

It seems like yesterday it was May and we were welcoming our first group. We had another stellar year at Jacana, and despite the La Nina weather that brought abundant water to the country—we were spared a deluge and in fact I would say our conditions were almost perfect, lots of water, and high water in our region but no terrible hurdles in terms of driving. Some of the trips took a bit longer due to the mud-but that is part of duck hunting. If you aren’t in the mud some days, you aren’t going to be where the ducks want to be.

Generally, May was good, with ducks in the area but good concentrations. June was better with the appearance of Rosy Bills as well as other species.  Rosy Bills continue to arrive presently, and we are enjoying great shooting on these big, handsome ducks.  Interestingly, with the higher water, the Rosybills, that normal like big, open ponds with reeds where they find foods like duck potato, are mostly located in smaller, shallow ponds. This is typical in a higher water year as they are able to find shallow water food sources. While this forces us to move our blinds, that is an easy thing to do, and we have hosted quite a few surprise parties for these ducks this season.

We remain confident that we are providing the best duck hunting you can find in this world, for those of you in North America, we have this hunting available in your off season—come down anytime in May to early August and you will shoot a season’s worth of ducks in a few days. Yes, it is that good.   You don’t need to bring waders or guns—we have it all, here and a very fine lodge as well. Hope to see you next season.


Charlie—Jacana Lodge

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