“DD”: Dove and Deer

We at David Denies Bird Hunting tend to associate the initials “DD” with our company David Denies.  Mean while, the hunters of Texas associate “DD” with their two hunting passions—Dove and Deer!!

The Texas Deer Association held its 18th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas on August 11-13, 2016. David Denies was in attendance offering the attendees access to the first “D” passion—Dove!  While Texas has dove hunting, it’s daily bag limit of 15 dove per person is but a few minutes hunting time at any of our three Cordoba, Argentina dove lodges.  Pica Zuro Lodge–an elegantly restored 19th century estancia.  La Dormida Lodge–newly built exclusively for dove hunting. And Cordoba Lodge–built to give groups with as few as 6 people their very own private lodge.

“DD”— Texas has the Deer hunter “covered” but David Denies has the Dove hunter “covered ” by a hundred times. Don’t Delay (is that yet another “DD”). Contact us to arrange your next hunting adventure.

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