David Denies Joins the Fight Against Childhood Hunger in Cordoba

At the beginning of March, came the opening of the Fundación Misión Esperanza’s Community Centers, where underprivileged local children from northern Córdoba, Cruz del Eje, and the rural areas of the region gather each day to eat. 

These Community Centers are attended daily by approximately 600 hungry children searching for food security. At each center, volunteers cook and prepare food to provide a plate of hot food to feed and support local, underprivileged children. 

David Denies helps make this mission possible thanks to donations from our guests, providing perishable food such as vegetables and meat, cooking fuel, and other necessary supplies so that nothing is lacking in the care of the little ones.

We are proud to be a part of the Fundación Misión Esperanza’s Community Centers, from start to finish, supporting the Misión financially, and logistically, with the ultimate goal of nourishing the children of our regions.

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