David Denies and FME celebrate Children’s Day

David Denies and FME celebrate Children’s Day

DD and FME once again joined forces for what is considered the most important children’s day in Argentina.

The organization of the event started a long time before the event. The first step was to line up all the volunteers that would help to collect food, potable water, toys, candies and all kind of goodies.

For this occasion the children’s day was celebrated in the FME main headquarters and was available for the children of the seven community centers (soup kitchens) and children came from surrounding rural areas.

David Denies hired 7 buses to transport over 1000 children to the event.

The event started with the arrival of over 1200 children last Saturday at 1pm, where over 80 volunteers provided sandwiches, orange juice, and desert to every child that attended.

Folllowing lunch, many games were organized– plus a circus show that was the main event. After the games chocolate milk and cookies were served.

Around 6pm toys were given to every single child before their departure.

Party in numbers:

1200 children

80 volunteers

250 gallons of orange juice

1500 sandwiches

200 gallons of milk

1500 cookies

1500 toys

David Denies was the main donor for this important day, and the financial support provided by DD covered all transportation for children’s and volunteers, circus show, videos recording, toys, bags, food and drinks.


We want to say thank you to all who participated! The donations from our guests make a considerable difference in David Denies Wingshooting’s social work.


– Gisela Cristini


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