Carmelo Lodge – Wingshooting in the Wine Country


The major travel publications are full of stories about Uruguay these days- but they seem to be a little late to the party. We have known for years that Uruguay is one of the most appealing countries in all of South America. With a style all on its own, tiny Uruguay is full of great people and blessed with incredible natural resources. This is why we are proud and excited to announce another major David Denies project in Carmelo, Uruguay- Carmelo Lodge is soon to open for business and it promises to be one of the most exciting and unique dove lodges anywhere….

Lodging right in the heart of one of the most exclusive wineries in Uruguay, surrounded by captivating landscapes. A modern and inviting lodge with an eclectic yet welcoming design. Carmelo offers 12 delightful rooms each with a private bath.

Dove shooting, and lots of it! Shoot doves in the rolling slopes and vineyards of this rich wineproducing area, with flights of birds that rival any population of doves you’ll see anywhere in South America. Dove hunting is available year-round!

While dove shooting is on the schedule each day, if you’d like to take a day “off” from shooting there is championship golf minutes away. You can also live the whole Wine & Dine” experience and have dinner, or extend your stay at one of our neighbor wineries.

Easy to get to. An overnight flight to Montevideo from the U.S. and a beautiful drive through gently rolling country places you on the doorstep of Carmelo Lodge, or jump across the River Plate and Buenos Aires by plane, ferry, or charter flight.

About the Campotinto Winery

Campotinto was born in 2013 from a simple idea. What started as a winery, ended up as a whole experience through the vines, the Inn, and the Restaurant. Being a boutique winery, it’s all about the care of the vine, the perfect ripening of its grapes, the expertise, the passion, and the technology. Sum it all up and the result is the best expression of this terroir´s grapes. Campotinto began vinification in 2012, and to this date, they have different expressions of Tannat, Blends, Viognier, and its stellar sparkling wine Medio y Medio, developed as a tribute to the famous beverage born years ago at the Port of Montevideo. In 2015, it was praised and acclaimed by The New York Times, described as ‘’Tuscany in miniature’’.

Carmelo Lodge will be opening on July 15th, 2022. We are already taking reservations, so don't miss your spot! We are very excited to share this amazing lodge with you, and hope to see you soon!

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