A Taste of Argentina from the David Denies Lodges


The memories of a great trip will live with you always. Whether it be the feel of a big golden dorado, furiously shaking on the end of your line, or the excitement of a flock of rosy-bills, banking into the decoys, it only takes a second to close your eyes and go back to those moments, in your mind. While those memories are never far off, we all realize that we will have to wait until our next visit to our hunting and fishing lodges, to experience them again, first hand.

Another way we can return to these places, at least for a moment, is through the food we experience during our stays. Nervous Waters & David Denies lodges are world renown, not only for the the wonderful sporting opportunities we bring to you, but also for our incredible culinary experiences which our collection of lodges offer.
Agustin Brañas, head chef who over sees the culinary experiences at David Denies and Nervous Waters, has shared with us some of the best and most loved recipes from our lodges.

Easy to prepare, authentic and delicious, these recipes will bring you the flavors lodges, at least until we get to welcome you back again!


You can use this with beef, pork, chicken, bread or croutons. You can use it directly on the plate or as a marinade for beef before you grill or cook in a pan or the oven. 

Give it a try and have a taste of Argentina wherever you are!



The most popular filling is with beef, but you can also go for a cheesy one, or corn, chicken, or just whatever leftovers you can find in your fridge. You can cook them in a very hot oven or deep fry them!  If you are cooking them in the oven, before you bake them brush them with  a whisked egg yolk so they get a better color

Go for it, and give it a try….Beef Empanadas a must!

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