Hunting season at San Juan Lodge has just come to an end after a whirlwind year of full bookings since early April. So, we are happy… and tired!

Both summer and fall were wet, and what followed was a generally mild winter. Overall, we saw high volumes of birds and guests experienced great hunts. The number of full bag-limit hunting days was close to 90 percent.

Dove roosts were rewarding. And we found endless flocks close to the lodge. Duck hunting was also productive. Despite the amount of water in the fields, hunters used up a LOT of shells.

Our dogs, on the other hand, performed consistently well, and the next generation of setters, including Perla and Diana, are showing similar traits to the old master, Dali. Their genes are some of the best when it comes to pointing for perdiz.

This year we received first-comers from Sweden and Finland, as well as a couple of groups that visited us twice in one season. Guests enjoyed a selection of premium wines and took part in our “a la carte” tasting menu—which was a huge success.

Finally, Sofia, our daughter brought a youthful touch to the house, and Alvaro captured spectacular photographs in the field.

We look forward to seeing you again next year! All the best.

Mercedes and Bernardo Barrán
San Juan Lodge – Co-owners and managers.

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