Fishing for Memories – by Dave Mellum

I’m not a professional photographer—I’m not even an amateur. I’m just your “average Joe” who snaps a few shots to bring back home to share with family and friends. Photos remind me of the wonderful trips I’ve experienced with old friends and of the new friendships I’ve created. Memories are what I’ve come to prize the most from my fishing adventures and what most inspires me to always keep something new on the calendar.

Over the past 30 years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many fishing destinations with my fishing buddy Bob. We’ve fished steelhead in Alaska; bass in Texas; brook trout in Newfoundland to name but a few places. We don’t always catch the biggest fish, or the most fish, but we have never had a “bad” trip. We laugh, joke, and poke fun at each other regardless of whether we are “fishing” or “catching”.

We have just returned from another adventure. We have new stories to tell and more memories to share. This latest, and perhaps most memorable trip, was to Pira Lodge, Argentina. Located near Mercedes, Argentina in Corrientes Province, Pira Lodge was specifically built for anglers wishing to peruse one of the world’s most exciting gamefish: the freshwater Golden Dorado. Strategically positioned to allow direct access to both the Ibera Marshlands and the Corrientes river, Pira Lodge offers discerning fishermen an unequaled opportunity to catch this spectacular game fish.

Unknown to many, the Ibera Marshland is a vast system of non-polluted, crystal clear creeks, flowing rivers, lagoons and freshwater flats, all teeming with fish. A massive area of nearly 3,000,000 acres, the marshland is twice the size of the Florida Everglades. Over 350 species of birds inhabit the marshland, as well as 85 mammal species and almost 70 different reptiles. You may come for the Dorado, but just seeing the huge numbers of wildlife make this destination unique on to itself.

You can read the specifics about the lodge on their website,, or under These websites can explain the details of logistics, seasons, lodging, pricing, etc. much better than I. They have professional quality photos and videos, and pictures of spectacular trophies caught by Pira guests. I once again snapped a few pictures of my own, taken as the moment inspired me, and are attached to this writing. These are my memories. I hope as you read this article you consider creating your own.

(Oh, by the way—-I was going include a picture of myself and a REALLY big Dorado, but unfortunately “that’s the one that got away”!!)

–Dave Mellum

Alaska and Canada Agent




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