David Denies & FME celebrated Children’s Day once again!

After 2 years of waiting due to the pandemic, this month David Denies & Fundacion Maria Esperanza were finally able to celebrate once again Children’s Day!

This past Saturday, the 27th of August, was the date chosen for this celebration. More than 800 children were invited to celebrate this day, an opportunity to share and create a special moment in their lives. The celebration was held at the headquarters of the foundation, and children from all around Cordoba participated, including those who attend the Community Centers daily, and many more who came from rural areas far from the north of the province.

People arrived on buses, and from the moment they arrived, they participated in all sorts of activities, games, dances, and acrobatics. There was music, animation, and a great finale: a circus show. All the children received sandwiches, cookies, cakes, and juice. More than 50 volunteers collaborated during that day and the days before with preparations to make everything possible.

At the end of the day, the buses took the people back to their homes, and each child returned home with a new backpack, toys, and candy. In each smile, we could see the joy of what was shared that special day.

From all of us at David Denies, we deeply appreciate all our clients who collaborate to make this possible.

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