Uruguay Bird Hunting

Uruguay — easy to describe: great hunting, great people, great destination. Often overlooked as a hunting destination is the beautiful country of Uruguay. Bordering and dwarfed by its two large neighbors, Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a progressive, stable, safe, and culturally sophisticated country that offers spectacular bird hunting. 

The country’s population is only 3.5 million people of which approximately one third live in the capital city of Montevideo. Its economy is stable, its transportation system is excellent, and the country welcomes visitors. You will find it genuinely friendly while offering every visitor much more than the usual “made for tourists” t-shirt shops. It has beautiful beaches that border the Atlantic Ocean and visitors come from far away to soak in the sun and splash in the surf. But for the avid bird hunter, Uruguay offers what is unquestionably the greatest game bird in the world—PERDIZ!

Hunting in Uruguay

The South American perdiz is similar in size to the North American Hungarian partridge. They are hunted over pointing dogs across the short grass pastures and rolling hills, and their numbers in this area are staggering. Less than 20 points on a single hunt is considered a poor outing. Hunters can generally expect an average of 30-50 points per hunt. For the upland game bird hunter, this is heaven. 

While perdiz are the country’s most sought-after game bird, the country’s duck hunting is spectacular. Home to many of the same species you will see in nearby Argentina, the waterfowl hunting in Uruguay offers an incredible variety of species, you will see nowhere outside of South America, and also generous limits as well. 

Uruguay is also home to the eared dove, in numbers that rival the finest dove hunting areas in Argentina, providing a true mixed bag of wing-shooting opportunities for the traveling hunter.

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