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Product Endorsement – Wader – Bird Hunting

At David Denies Bird Hunting are not in the business of endorsing other company’s wares, but once in awhile, something comes along that is truly notable. We also believe that if you can wear, or carry, or shoot, something that makes your experience with us more enjoyable, then why not tell you about it? Everybody wins. …


Duck Numbers – Duck Hunting – Argentina

by Douglas Larsen If you have been lucky, you have been in Argentina recently, hunting ducks, or maybe shooting doves, or perdiz and pigeons. I hope so. I have not made my way to Argentina (yet) this summer, and I’m running out of time. If you have been away, perhaps you have not heard the …

Duck Hunting

There are More Ducks On That Side – Duck Hunting

by Douglas Larsen It’s the oldest joke in waterfowl hunting. An old fellow looks up at a “V” shaped formation of ducks migrating across the sky. He looks at his companion, and says, “Do you know why the one side of the “V” is longer than the other?” The companion, expecting some scientific factoid about …

Duck Hunting in Argentina

Decoy Tip – Duck Hunting in Argentina

by Douglas Larsen If you hunt waterfowl with some regularity, you probably have at least a dozen decoys stored in your barn, or your garage, or under the porch at your duck camp. If you are really over the top (like me) you may have several hundred decoys at your disposal. Some duck camps will …


Anyone? – Duck Hunting

by Douglas Larsen I have seen these things advertised for years. If you have read a sporting magazine in the last fifteen years, you have probably seen a photo of these fellas..one stuck in the mud, and one standing on top of it. This morning I read a post in a popular forum about these …


End of Season Report – Jacana Lodge, 2016

It seems like yesterday it was May and we were welcoming our first group. We had another stellar year at Jacana, and despite the La Nina weather that brought abundant water to the country—we were spared a deluge and in fact I would say our conditions were almost perfect, lots of water, and high water …


Jacana – End of season report

Sadly, the duck season has come to an end at Jacana lodge. Now we’ll take some time to rest and to clean, dry, and store our hunting gear for the next season. This year has been extremely wet—but also tremendous—our best shooting in the eleven year history of Jacana. High-water levels made getting to our …



Duck season has come to an end at Jacana Lodge. During March and April we had record rainfall across most of the country, and our area was no exception. Fortunately, by early winter the rains diminished and the water levels slowly decreased. We saw impressive numbers of ducks, but they had so much food and …


Ducking down in Argentina – The Field Magazine

Jonathan Young loves the people, the food, the humour… but, most of all, he loves the sport. Tomas, our designated guide, climbed aboard and within 20 minutes we’d arrived at our flight pond. Pond? It was more a mini lake. How would we manage to pull in the birds when they had such an acreage …