Anyone? – Duck Hunting

I have seen these things advertised for years. If you have read a sporting magazine in the last fifteen years, you have probably seen a photo of these stuck in the mud, and one standing on top of it. This morning I read a post in a popular forum about these boots. All the comments were very positive. Somehow, I still have a hard time believing that by spending 137 hard-earned dollars, that I can just dance all over the mud. But if you watch the video, it is hard to believe they don’t work…

One of the duck holes I hunt is an absolute heart attack waiting to happen. Knee-deep, boot sucking, mud. If these mud boots work as advertised–it would be a godsend. I will also add that by some miracle, we never have a problem with soft mud hunting in Argentina–all the marshes near Jacana and Los Crestones have bottoms as hard as a sidewalk. In North America, the mud can be bottomless at times.

Does anyone out there have any experience with these boots? If so, I would love to hear from you–add your insights in the comments section below…chime in!


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