February 2018

Dove Shooting Tip for The Weekend – Argentina

by Douglas Larsen In most parts of the country, it is either already nice, or it is getting nice outside. If you are planning on getting out to do some shooting this weekend, and have not brushed the dust off the shotgun after a long winter’s nap, here is a quick tip-and it is the …


Cast & Blast from June to October

Paraná River Outfitters (PRO) is the brainchild of a group of professional dorado fishing guides. Nervous Waters and David Denies have endorsed the team, partnering with them to create a program for BIG dorado on the fly. The adventure takes place in the Middle section of the Paraná River Basin, during the winter/spring season (July …


Starting Over – Hunting with dogs

by Douglas Larsen A big part of hunting for me is hunting with dogs. In addition to being a good idea from a conservation standpoint, they are fun to have around. I like to have a dog on the stand in my duck blind, and I usually like to have more than one.  But getting …