Angry – What is duck hunting anyway?


Why does everyone…especially in the waterfowl brand category…look so angry?

What is duck hunting anyway? Hiding someplace near a bunch of decoys that are supposed to look like the ducks you are hunting, and then shooting the ducks when they are close enough to do so. The ducks have a brain the size of a pea. Do you think they know what type of camouflage pattern you are wearing?

And if you have all this camouflage on in the first place, then you should be plenty covered up. You don’t have to add face paint to the mix. If we want the general public to begin to shy away from hunting, then all we have to do is to scare little old ladies with face paint.  Just keep your face down. Remember, the ducks have a brain the size of a pea.


Over the years I have learned a lot of lessons about camouflage. Once in Argentina, I hunted with a Guarani Indian man in the vary hot and humid northeast. He wore blue shorts and a gray t-shirt to hunt in every day. But he carried a palm frond, and when ducks were near, he’d cover himself with the palm like it was an umbrella or a Japanese fan.  That’s cave man level concealment. No  matching camouflage patterns, just another day in the field, trying to turn birds into food. No anger…just hunting and having fun.

So next time you shoot a bunch of ducks, if you are going to take a photo, please smile. Fight back against the marketers. Be happy, not angry!  There is nothing to be angry for–the birds are not shooting back. And remember, if you need face paint to kill a duck…you are probably doing it wrong.

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