Safari Club Show

No matter where you live, February is a tough month. There isn’t a lot to do if you are a hunter or shooter. Most of the northern climes are gripped by winter, and it is summer in South America. February in Buenos Aires is like August in Houston, just plain hot.

If you need a getaway and you have not been in the past, get to Las Vegas for the Safari Club International Show,  February 5-8. I’m sure you are saying to yourself, but I’m a bird shooter–I’m not interested in anything safari-ish. Neither was I when I started going over a decade ago….but this is now one of my favorites, and it is one of the greatest shows on earth for any sportsman. The Safari Club show hosts hundreds of outfitters, and many hundreds of other participants, outdoor clothing purveyors, boot makers, furniture houses, and gun companies from across the globe. Looking for a new shotgun? Holland & Holland will be there, as will Benelli, or Beretta, and Ruger, and Purdey….you get the idea.

Or, walk the aisles of the Safari Club Show just to see the taxidermy. Some of the most amazing taxidermy displays I have ever seen are at the show. From a tree with leopards sleeping in the branches, to full body mounted giraffes, you’ll see amazing work. Whether you like big fish, big game,or big alligators, you’ll see it mounted and standing in the aisles. You can’t see it all in three days, but you can see a whole lot.

Another reason you should attend the Safari Club show is to visit us at David Denies Wingshooting. We’ll be occupying Booth 908, which is located at the corner of “Safari Trail” and “Buffalo Run.” We are just ’round the corner from Swarovski Optics and the tents of Tanzania Game Trackers. Come and talk with us about  your next trip. Many of our hosts will be on site and working at the show. Want to hunt ducks in Argentina? Sit on the couch and talk to Charlie Lanusse. Charlie runs Jacana lodge–and you can get the straight dope from the outfitter himself. Or want to enjoy a mixed bag shoot in Uruguay? Talk with Bernardo and Mercedes Barran, the most experienced and dynamic outfitting duo in South America. Sebastian Casado of Red Stag Patagonia will be there–talk to him about a big deer. It is also rumored that David Denies will be there touring the show. David started it all–he was the first guide to see the doves in Cordoba. Look what that has turned into. David Denies has been so important to shooting and hunting in Argentina, that his profile should be on Argentine money. I almost forgot to listHoracio Dartiguelongue, I listed him last because I always have to stop and rest before typing his big long name. Horacio runs the shooting in Cordoba. He is extremely effective,and highly entertaining. Nobody is more fun to talk with. Stop and chat with him.

It’s not too late, and Vegas has plenty of hotel space. Get out to the 42nd annual Safari Club Show, and make this February one a little more exciting!


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