Mixed-Bag Hunting You Don’t Wanna Miss! – Uruguay

We Have Your Springtime Fix

This is the moment to book our popular Uruguayan destinations, San Juan and Uruguay Lodge. If you’re interested in the best mixed-bag programs don’t miss the opportunity to hunt with us this season.
Last dates available
Uruguay Lodge 
May 5th – 10th
June 26th – July 1st
San Juan Lodge
July 21st -26th

San Juan Lodge

Estancia San Juan is perched majestically atop a knoll, with striking views of the Uruguayan countryside. Whether by design or chance, San Juan is the epicenter of a hunting resource desired by almost every sportsman…

Uruguay Lodge

Uruguay Lodge is an elegant 19th century mansion which rests on one of the most beautiful estancias in the country. There are fertile fields in abundance with good pastures to hunt perdiz with our great dogs


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