We just finished our 2014 wingshooting season at Crestones Lodge in Buenos Aires Province. Record rainfall during the season made the day-to day hunting challenging, considering some of our best areas were flooded with no access. In addition, we had unseasonably warm and humid weather through May and early June. Not the best scenario. But despite the odds against us, we were able to provide good duck hunting for all our guests.

This season we saw mostly rosy bills and teal. And from mid-season on we started seeing yellow bill pintails in larger numbers—but not like during a normal water year. Yellow bills migrating from the south didn’t show up until later in the season, providing good hunts alongside the always-present rosy bills and teal.

Perdiz hunting was good, but not great. Endless muddy roads, and soft and flooded fields, made it more difficult to move around the hunting grounds. Also, hot and wet weather early in the season was tough on our dogs. Regardless, we had some great perdiz hunts when the conditions allowed.

Dove shooting was good, and it had us very busy scouting for temporal roosts with decent access.
Big game hunting for black buck antelope and axis deer, on the other hand, was the best we’ve ever experienced—all of our guests experienced 100-percent success rates. Outstanding trophies of both species were harvested. Every year we’re adding more and more hunting grounds for these two magnificent game animals.

From all of us at Crestones, we’re looking forward to a great 2015 season. Hope to see you soon!

Sebastián F. Casado
General Manager and partner

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