Los Crestones Lodge – Hunting Report May 2016

This year we started with slightly more water than the average of last season. More resident ducks (mostly teal) announced a good early season.
Some rainfall during April gave us plenty of good duck water to produce good duck hunts all of May. Unlike previous years, we started to get cold weather in late April, this helped the migrating ducks to move earlier than usual. This, plus the good population of resident birds gave us the chance to offer very good hunts. Talking about the famous Rosy Bills, we began to see them coming into our area recently… s stay tuned.

The perdiz hunting this year is also even better than in past years. Good steady rain made our pasture field thick and healthy providing good cover for the birds during the hatch. Always the mornings are better for hunting, but with many guns choosing to do it in the afternoon they are enjoying around 30 flushes per hunt, avery good average for our area in the evenings.

One of the highlights of this season at Crestones is the amazing dove shooting we are having due to access that we secured to some of the best dove roosts south of Buenos Aires City. Very bad roads and flooding conditions kept us away from this good dove shoot in the past. Willing guns can easy burn 30 boxes of shells in a couple of hours on a nice afternoon…..only 20 minutes from the lodge.

Wild Pigeon hunting is also always a good option in the afternoons to rest the shoulder after an intense dove shoot.

Our big game hunts so far—amazing results and  a 100 % success rate for our hunters. We’ve just secured a new Axis deer area and our Black Buck leases are the best in the country. This season we are offering more wild boar hunts on horseback with lever action guns and revolvers. It’s one of the most intense and fun hunts ever! A few days ago we did our first horseback archery pig hunt —which ended with a couple of big boars on the ground !!

Come visit us at Los Crestones—we have lots to offer, and we would love to show you our part of Argentina and its incredible diversity. From pigs, to perdiz, pigeons, and (Rosy Billed) Pochards– plus doves and other ducks and deer—we have it all!

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