Help during Quarantine

Despite quarantine restrictions, DD continues to provide support to the neediest people.

Utilizing and employing all health and safety measures, the seven Community Centers continue to open their doors to offer local children and their families a meal.

At the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis, when restrictions were at their peak, we devised plans to deliver food and cleaning products to families in need. Now that restrictions have relaxed, we have more flexibility of action, and can serve nutritious meals to every child in need.

Volunteers prepared nutrition food and delivered at the door of each Community center (soup kitchens) the food ration for each family.

So even in the face of the global pandemic, David Denies Bird Hunting is still able and willing to help. Our commitment to the people in our community has not wavered, and we look forward to continuing our work, serving up to 450 meals each and every day. We will continue daily, and that is a promise.


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