Health on wheels around Cordoba province

Every month,  Mision Esperanza foundation Mobile Clinic travels throughout the Cordoba region, providing free monthly health-care services to people who live in remote areas of Cordoba.

40 doctors and health care professionals who are called the “Doctors of La Esperanza” have joined these missions, and they ride customized mobile platform helping others. Medical care includes gynecological exams, pediatrics, nursing assistance, cardiology exams, dentistry and lab work. Doctors attend adults and children, and offer comfort to those who are sick while they educate on prevention.

In 2019, a total of 3500 medical visits were provided by the Mobile Clinic over the course of 10 different excursions to Cordoba. Medications are delivered if necessary from a traveling pharmacy.

As lodge owners and outfitters, it is important that we take our place in the communities we operate in.

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