Games, Shows, Goodies and Toys for Children’s Day Celebration

David Denies & Mission Esperanza Foundation celebrate Children’s Day

Established to help raise awareness for children’s rights and welfare, Children’s Day is now celebrated annually throughout most of the world.
For the past several years David Denies has committed various resources to Children’s Day festivities that take place in the remote regions of Cordoba, Argentina. And on August 25, we once again teamed with FME to help more than a thousand awesome kids celebrate their special day.
Event planning had been in the works for months, coordinating with our seven local Community Centers to create a fun-filled itinerary. This year’s celebrations were held at the Foundation headquarters, where all attendees were bussed in from surrounding rural areas. More than 100 volunteers collaborated. During the afternoon, children received sandwiches, cookies, cakes and juice. We played games, watched shows, and put on a big circus. At day’s end, every child went home with a bag with goodies, a new toy and a big smile!

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping make Children’s Day 2018 a success.

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