End of Season Report 2016 – San Juan and Uruguay Lodge

Sadly, the hunting season for  2016 in URUGUAY is coming to the end. This year we had the challenge of opening Uruguay Lodge, our second superb lodge along with San Juan. The season was very good for perdiz, in both quantity and in the number of good fields available for our hunts. Our hunts for perdiz were complimented by several dogs that came from the same lines of some of our best field English Setter dogs in the past, and they all gave tremendous performances in the field.

The duck hunting was consistent and were in high demand from our guests. Every group had the chance to enjoy duck hunting. The Rosybills migrated early this year, so we saw them at the end of June in growing numbers in the ponds, and they provided great hunting.

Each lodge, despite being only 40 miles apart, had their own fields to hunt Perdiz, and ponds for the duck hunting. URUGUAY lodge has a special dove roost called Paso de las Piedras. Millions of doves

Are there, with good roads that connect the place to the lodge. We had plenty of dove shooting all season. This year we had a group of new guides on our staff, enthusiastic and english speaking people that gave our guests great service and great company in the fields. We also had three women on our field staff for the first time, and they were terrific.

We have been  fortunate to have been heavily booked these past several years and we anticipate full lodges again for the 2017 season. Most of our guest are repeat hunters, who we enjoy seeing year after year. If you would like to join us, please consider booking early. We will fill up for next season again. Thanks and hope to see you in friendly Uruguay soon!

– Mercedes & Bernardo Barran

Uruguay & San Juan Lodge

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