DOUBLE with No Trouble

We know it’s a long way from North America to Argentina so why not take advantage of that long flight and add some spectacular sport fishing to your bird hunting.  The waters of Argentina team with some of the world’s most exciting and rewarding fishing.  Argentina offers the finest Sea Run Brown Trout and fresh water Golden Dorado fishing in all of South America, and our fishing lodges are strategically positioned in the best locations for both.  Why not take advantage of this incredible fishing experience “while you’re in town”.
David Denies has been arranging and coordinating combination hunting and fishing trips between our lodges for many years.  Now, with the addition of our latest fishing adventure Parana River Outfitters (PRO), you can combine the world’s finest bird hunting with the world’s finest fishing 365 days a year.   Pick a month, any month, and we can build you a hunting/fishing package that will make the most of your long trip to Argentina.  While not every bird species, nor every fish species, is available year round there will always be some hunting/fishing combination available to you.  Doves and Sea Run Brown Trout, Ducks and Golden Dorado, even Red Stag-Rainbow Trout and Dove hunting can be arranged on a single trip.
For more information visit our website www.daviddenies and look at Our Specials for sample combination trips.  Or call us at 1-800-530-6928 to discuss the limitless possibilities.  This trip “Make it Double”!

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