David Denies Sponsors Day of the Children in Cordoba

Day after day, week after week, year after year, The Foundation Hermana Theresa do most of their work in piece-meal, quietly moving between community centers, supporting, loving, and serving the many, many children who need love and nutrition in the area. The size of the foundation’s impact is hard to grasp, but the David Denies Wingshooting organization and their giving clients have been there from the beginning. But Each year, there is one day that all the children in the region wait for-it’s like a second Christmas, and yet it is different.

The Day of the Children or Dia de los Ninos as it is known by its attendees is chaos. Organized, happy, caring chaos.  Literally hundreds of children fill the Foundation grounds, where the joyful noise of laughter  rings with blaring music. Small, round cheeks are being painted with glittering replicas of the World Cup in one area, games are played in another, while clowns roam the grounds knotting balloons and tripping over their props in giant shoes, everywhere there is food, and laughter and music and joy. Excitement over new friendships and an extended break from a hard reality is a palpable undercurrent. 

Due to the hard work of dozens of volunteers, coordination with several local enterprises, and the fearless and steady leadership under Hermana Theresa, the seismic impact of her foundation is felt tangibly on this day.

And behind the scenes, David Denies plays a large part in making this all possible. By the end of the beautiful, cheerful day, every child walked away from the experience with a bag of their own filled with dinner, a toy, a snack, and the feeling that they were loved and important. David Denies funded these bags, and filled the cracks financially so that the Dia de los Ninos could occur without hesitation. If you are deciding between David Denies and another hunting lodge, consider not only great shooting and great service, but how David Denies’ partnership with the local community is possible because of your stewardship. By choosing David Denies as your dove hunting destination, you are ensuring a happier, healthier, and more love-filled life for the children of the Sierras in Cordoba.

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