“Proving Ground” – Uruguay Bird Hunting

Benelli shotguns have long been recognized as one of the finest shotguns in the sporting industry.  So when they design a new gun they want to ensure it can stand up to the elements and perform flawlessly in a variety of field conditions.

Such was the case when Benelli selected David Denies’ URUGUAY LODGE to field test its new 828U over/under shotgun.  Benelli wanted a lodge which would test its gun on waterfowl , upland game, and super high volume shooting.  Their staff was not disappointed during their recent trip to URUGUAY LODGE.  To quote from the article, the lodge offered “—-repeated opportunities to use the new guns in duck blinds, in upland field and engaging clouds of doves—.”

While you may not be needing to “prove the mettle” of a new gun, but rather are a sportsman wishing to experience the full package of waterfowl, upland birds, and none stop dove shooting, we invite you to visit Uruguay Lodge or our 2 other “mixed bag” lodges, San Juan Lodge and Los Crestones Lodge.  Contact us at

Read the article in Safari Magazine (Sept/Oct 2016 issue)

David Denies Bird Hunting——— “Proving Ground” for the world’s finest shotguns.

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