David Denies & Mission Esperanza Foundation Celebrate Children’s Day

World Children’s Day was established to help raise global awareness for children’s rights and welfare, and Children’s Day is now celebrated annually in many parts of the world.
However for the past several years, David Denies has committed a number of volunteers and resources and has used Children’s Day as a great  excuse to bring a lot of smiles and fun to the faces of children in remote areas of Cordoba. And once again this year- it worked!. Our Children’s Day festivities have grown each year, and on August 19 almost a thousand children danced, played games, watched the circus, and participated in contests and activities. We provided plenty of food and drink, and each child left with a toy or a keepsake from the day.

This year’s celebrations were held at the Foundation Maria Esperanza headquarters, and all the children were bussed in from surrounding areas, where we operate seven different community centers in rural areas. More than one hundred volunteers helped plan and organize the day. Take one minute out of your day to watch this very short video and you will see why we feel our community work in Cordoba is so important: CLICK HERE to watch the video

Our number one priority is to put smiles on the faces of our guests-but when we aren’t doing that, we work hard to help bring some smiles and laughter to children in our community that need our help and attention.


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